Drake on a date

Drake plans romantic date at Dodger Stadium with a mystery woman that might be Amari Bailey’s mom

Drake is pulling out all the short stops

Twitter is currently on fire after ABC’s Chris Cristi shared an aerial shot over Dodger Stadium that showed Drake and a woman enjoying a romantic date on the field. Cristi tweeted, “@DRAKE ON A DATE? Randomly just flew over this cozy couple enjoying a private dinner along the third baseline at an empty Dodger Stadium.” There was even a private bartender with his own little booth.

Some people are upset by how much money he must have spent renting out the entire stadium but a source told TMZ he technically didn’t “rent it” and it was made possible because of a “substantial donation” he made to the team. As for who the mystery lady is? Twitter is convinced it’s the mother of Sierra Canyon high school basketball star and UCLA prospect Amari Bailey. He is a junior in high school and his mom Johanna Leia was spotted near Drake and Michael B. Jordan at a game in June.

If you’re wondering why Drake is hanging out at high school basketball games, to begin with, he’s been attending the games with Lebron James who’s son, Bronny also plays for the same team. However, from the start people have been joking that if you saw Bailey’s mom you would understand why Drake was getting so invested in his games. According to Sportskeeda, Leia is a former model for Wilhelmina and Ford and she stars on the Lifetime reality series Bringing Up Ballers with Bailey. She has over 197k followers at the moment and describes herself as a “mother” and “entrepreneur.” TheFashion Nova partner often shares stunning photos of herself and adorable photos with her son.

Drake usually keeps his life relatively private but they do follow each other on Instagram. Leia started getting tons of comments about the situation but she changed her commenting settings to “limited.” As Twitter continues to freak out over the photos, there have been some hilarious reactions to the situation. Check out the funniest tweets below: