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Wisin and Yomaira are awaiting the arrival of their fourth baby: ‘It is news that we are enjoying everyday because we still do not believe it.’

After experiencing a terrible loss in 2016, the couple exclusively revealed the details of this incredible news to HOLA! USA, as well as the sex and name of the next family member.

Wisin and his wife, Yomaira Ortiz, are overjoyed that life has once again given them the opportunity to become parents for the fourth time. Five years ago, the couple experienced the loss of their baby, whom they named Victoria. The little girl died one month after she was born due to trisomy 13 syndrome. The couple learned of their daughter‘s congenital disease during the fifth month of pregnancy. Despite the fact that the doctors recommended termination of the pregnancy as an alternative, they did not consider that option and defended their right to have their baby.

“Unfortunately, a child and a loved one never overcome a test like that. It is always there, and neither does this child supplant or cover that pain in a way. No, it does not. They are different things but thank God we are living, after that storm, a beautiful moment. It was something we didn‘t ask for,” explains Juan Luis Morera Luna, which is the Puerto Rican singer’s given name.

Without hope and with no plans to try again, the successful singer and his wife did not count on the fact that fate had a pleasant surprise for them this 2021. In a sincere and exclusive talk for HOLA! USA, the producer and singer, along with the mother of his two children, Yelena, 12, and Dylan, 13, reveal that they are sweetly awaiting the arrival of their fourth baby.

Nearly five months into pregnancy, they are ready to shout to the world that this time the universe is smiling at them with a future male member of the family, who will be named Daniel.

The news is confirmed in this beautiful photo session that was held in their native Puerto Rico, the place where they have decided to establish their residence, in the company of their closest family and friends. Therefore, we celebrate Father‘s Day with this magnificent news.

Here are all the details of how both parents are living this new adventure, the reaction of their children and the preparations they have for the arrival of their prince this November.

“I love my baby, I love my children, my wife, they are a blessing for me. They have been keys to my maturity, so I am happy that this is a divine answer and that fills me. We are both healthy so we can enjoy this process.“

Wisin y Yomaira Digital Cover HOLA! USA©Hola
Photo: Gaby Rosado

Congratulations guys! How did you find out about this great news?
Yomaira, how long have you been pregnant?
What was your reaction when you found out that you were pregnant?
How did you break the news to Wisin?

Wisin y Yomaira Portada Digital HOLA! USA©Hola
Photo: Gaby Rosado

Wisin, did you notice anything?
According to the photos, we see that it will be a boy. Tell us about the revelation of the sex of the baby.
After your experience with Victoria in 2016, are there any fears? How are you going about this process?
Luis, how have you lived that same process?
Wisin y Yomaira Portada Digital HOLA! USA©Hola
Photo: Gaby Rosado

¿What was the reaction of your children?
Can you share the name with us?
Why Daniel, for something in particular?
¿How do you feel about parenting at this stage of your life?

Wisin y Yomaira Portada Digital HOLA! USA©Hola
Photo: Gaby Rosado

Had you already given up hope of having another baby?
What are the preparations you are making for Daniel‘s arrival?

Wisin y Yomaira Portada Digital HOLA! USA©Hola
Photo: Gaby Rosado

What message can you send to couples who have experienced a loss like yours or who are unable to have children?
Wisin, what has your family, your children, taught you?

Wisin y Yomaira Portada Digital HOLA! USA©Hola
The family mascot, EMBIID, will soon be watching over another baby