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Body Positive!

Vanessa Hudgens calls out the ‘summer body’ stereotype under pics of Kendall Jenner

Every body is a summer body

Vanessa Hudgens isn’t having the idea that a “summer body” means having a physique like Kendall Jenner. As the world opens up and the first day of summer is just around the corner, some are desperately trying to work off their pandemic weight game to have the ideal “summer body.” But everyone should take Hudgens‘s advice and stop trying to reach perfection. On June 17th the actress corrected the caption of Complex’s photo of Kendall with the caption “summer bud” and wrote, “*a* summer bod. Cause all bodies in the summer are summer bods. Just sayin 😉.”

Vanessa Hudgens comment©Complex
Vanessa Hudgens comment

The photo featured a gallery of photos of Jenner posing in a bikini and mesh top. Hudgens’ comment was praised by people saying” this is why we love you” and, “came here for THIS! Thank you.” Her comment has over 32k likes so it’s clear people appreciated her body-positive message.

Hudgens is a big advocate for loving the skin you’re in. In 2016 she teamed up with Hilary Duff and shared an un-retouched photo on Instagram to support the brand Aerie’s campaign. At the time Aerie was donating $1 for every image with the hashtag #AerieReal (up to $30,000) to the National Eating Disorders Association. Her little sister Stella joined her for the challenge and they both posed for the camera, per Self.