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Meghan Trainor talks baby Riley’s ‘fun personality,’ new projects and more

The Grammy-winner opens up about motherhood, self care, her exciting new collaboration with Verizon and more

Meghan Trainor’s new chapter brims with joy. The 27-year-old singer-songwriter seems busier than ever with countless projects in development, including a brand new collaboration with Verizon 5G and major overall deal with NBCUniversal Television. Of course, her and husband Daryl Sabara’s newborn Riley is number one on the list.

“He’s the greatest thing ever!” Meghan beamed about the four-month-old while chatting with us. Her and Daryl welcomed their first child together in February, and now it’s all about that baby.

Read below for our interview with the powerhouse “All About That Bass” singer, where she gets candid on: motherhood, self care, manifesting with music, her dream sitcom idea and more.

meghan trainor interview©Ryan Trainor for Verizon
Meghan Trainor teamed up with Verizon for The Biggest Upgrade Ever to glow up her summer with 5G
First, we’re here today because you’re a part of the biggest Verizon 5G upgrade campaign ever! Can you talk to us about it and how you got involved?
Yes! We love your song “Glow up.” You have so many anthems that empower people.
It really is! When you’re making music do you have people in mind you hope to inspire?
Incredible. Congratulations on baby Riley turning four months, by the way! Apparently that’s when personality really starts to come through. What are you seeing?

How would you describe his personality?
Does he vibe with your music at all?
We’re waiting for that motherhood power album.
You’ll make it happen. So far, what has motherhood so taught you?

meghan trainor baby riley©@meghantrainor
Meghan Trainor with her baby Riley
Agreed. With everything you’ve got going on, how do you practice self care?
Another thing you have going on is an amazing deal with NBC Universal. We hear you’re working on a sitcom?