Kim Kardashian and Allison Statter
Best Friends!

Kim Kardashian shares epic then and now for National Best Friend Day

The besties go all the way back to elementary school

Sorry to anyone other than Allison Statter who thought they were Kim Kardashian’s best friend. On Tuesday the KKW Beauty Instagram account shared a then and now of the besties to announce a giveaway and Kim looked like she barely aged. According to DailyMail, the photo is about 20 years old and they recreated it perfectly. They announced in the caption 5 “besties” could enter the contest to win KKW X ALLISON Lip Crayons.

Kim and Allison©Kim Kardashian
Kim and Allison

Statter is the daughter of music producer Irving Azoff and the industry executive managed everyone form from Christina Aguilera and Journey to the Eagles, per PEOPLE. Statter found success in her own regards and opened the Los Angeles-based celebrity and influencer marketing, public relations, and branding agency Blended Strategy Group. The Kardashian and Azoff families are close and have attended each other‘s Christmas parties for years. Khloe Kardashian even had her wedding to Lamar Odom at Allison’s father’s home in Beverly Hills.

The besties go all the way back to grade school and she collaborated with Kim on the KKW makeup line this past year. In a 2020 “Inner Circle” video on her website and app Kim said revealed, “I know I always say ‘my BFF,’ and I definitely have lots of them but Allison and I go way, way back.” Kim reminisced about elementary school and called her “bossy.” “In elementary school, you were so bossy,” Kardashian said. “You were in a different school district, and I introduced you to, like, Ashley and all those girls. And you just, like, came in and took over, and you were so bossy.” The Skims founder admitted she would love stealing her lunches and said, “I always loved my best friend Allison’s lunch because she always got lots of Cheetos and Oreos.”

20 years later, Allison is the one getting all the juicy Kardashian gossip. “Allison is like the first person that I would call if there was like a huge family drama. Like, before anyone,” Kim admitted.

Statter reciprocated the love and called her an “amazing sister.” “I don’t know life without Kim,” Statter says to Kim in the clip, adding, “You’ve just been such an amazing sister to me. It’s also just really comforting and really nice to be on the same path in life too. We had our kids at the same time, were like married with kids at the same time. … It’s rare and it’s unique and I just feel so blessed that we have each other.”

While Kim used the KKW Beauty page to share the pics for National Best Friend Day, she used her personal page to wish her future ex-husband Kanye West a happy birthday. She shared throwbacks in her story and a picture of the whole family on her profile with the caption, “Happy Birthday Love U for Life! 🎈”