Pride Month 2021: How celebrities are celebrating the LGBTQ+ community
The joy!

Pride Month 2021: How celebrities are celebrating the LGBTQ+ community

Thousands of reasons to celebrate, honor, and most importantly, demand equality

We officially kicked off Pride Month. Whether you are part of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally, we all have thousands of reasons to celebrate, honor, and most importantly, demand equality.

From Ricky Martin to Demi Lovato, our favorite stars use their platform to raise awareness and educate society on vital topics, such as what it means to identify as non-binary. Recently Lovato revealed that from now on, the best pronouns to describe themself are they/them, officially becoming a genderless person.

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The singer started the celebration by sharing an illustration on social media and declaring that “IT’S PRIDE EVERY DAMN DAY Y’ALL! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗🖤🤍.”

After ten years of coming out, Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin became the cover of the Pride edition of People magazine. The award-winning singer got personal in the publication and said he is “more comfortable in his own skin than ever before.”

Busy Philipps also took Instagram to join the celebration and praise her non-binary 12-year-old child Birdie. “Today is the start of PRIDE MONTH! I have so much pride for this kid and everything they are and do,” Philipps wrote on social media.

Last year, Birdie and their mom began the tradition to donate the unused makeup the actress gets to The Los Angeles LGBT Center. “Birdie decided to start gathering the unopened makeup and hygiene items from me and other influencer types(actors, singers, makeup and hair artists) to donate to the @lalgbtcenter for the queer and trans youth that the Center provides a safe space for,” Philipps wrote. ”Well. Thanks to many of my friends, Birdie was able to donate HUNDREDS of items to the center.”

Taylor Swift, one of the biggest allies of the LGBTQ+ community, teamed up with GLAAD for its “Summer of Equality” campaign to demand senators to pass the much-needed Equality Act.

“Who you love and how you identify shouldn’t put you in danger, leave you vulnerable or hold you back in life,” Swift wrote on Twitter. “I proudly join GLAAD in their #summerofequality and add my voice to those who support The Equality Act. Happy Pride Month!”

“I want to take a moment to thank the courageous activists, advocates, and allies for their dedication to fighting against discrimination and hatred.“ She continued: ”As always, today I am sending my respect and love to those bravely living out their truth, even when the world we live in still makes that so hard to do.”

Niecy Nash shared why she is proud to be part of the community. “I am proud of who I am,” she says. ”I am proud of my relationship. I‘m proud of our marriage. I am just proud to be a Black woman who (lives) life on her own terms and does it out loud.”

“When I first came out, Pride Month was about fighting for our rights. It was about marching, it was about telling the world that we were OK with who we were, and we were valued people in the community. And luckily, more and more, it‘s been accepted,” said Candis Cayne, remembering her first time celebrating Pride. “I remember just vividly thinking, ’There’s more of us out there than I thought,’” she says.

Actor Jake Borelli is also reflecting on the Pride Month celebrations. “As I’ve grown in my queerness and my relationship to my own queerness, I know wholeheartedly that it’s a riot, and it is a protest,” the actor says. “At this point in my queerness, I feel like I can’t allow myself to stand anymore for the negative way society has made me feel about my queerness and Pride and Pride Month, and Pride gatherings.”

JoJo Siwa is having the time of her life after publicly coming out as gay. “It’s so exciting to celebrate Pride with all of you! My family, friends, and fans were super supportive of my own journey this year. It’s been the best feeling,” Siwa wrote on social media. “Be your authentic selves and celebrate your individuality! It’s what makes you special. Don’t be afraid to show your Pride & joy this year!”

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