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Vivica Fox says 50 Cent is the ‘love of her life’ and going public ruined their relationship

It all started with a dress

Watch out Cuban Link, because Vivica A. Fox is still thinking about 50 Cent. The actress has been opening up about her past relationships and in the same interview she opened up about her short-lived marriage to Christopher Harvest, she discussed her relationship with the rapper. In an interview with VLAD TV, Fox shared what she thought went wrong, and admitted that he’s the love of her life. Read all about the details below,

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50 Cent and Vivica Fox

Fox started the walk through memory lane by explaining how it all started. It all goes back to the 2003 Soul Train Music Awards when Stevie Wonder used a harmonica to announce that 50 won the Best New Artist award. During his speech 50 shouted out Fox. After thanking his fans, Eminem, Dr. Dre, and himself, he closed his speech with, “I wanna thank Vivica Fox for wearing that dress too.” The camera immediately panned to a jaw dropped, excited and intrigued Fox.

18 years later, Fox recalls, “after that, his people got in touch with my people next thing I know we were on the phone and my birthday was coming up. And he’s such a gentleman. He’s very generous.” She then called him by his real name, explaining, “I know him as Curtis, always will. The ‘50 Cent’, that’s his performing thing... So I met Curtis and I remember when I first met him I was like ‘so what do I call you?’ And he was like ’Curtis, that’s my name.” When her birthday came around, Fox said the “21 Questions” rapper filled her entire house with her favorite flowers, Casablancas and gardenias. “Literally, a van pulled up with flowers, they kept bringing the stuff, and I was like more?” she reminisced.

The couple went public around the same time 50 was becoming a huge rap star. Which the actress believes is the reason they broke up. “The love that I had for him, and still to this day, will always- like he was the love of my life. I will admit that without any reservations,” she said. “He will always have a very special place in my heart, but the reason why the relationship ended was that we went public way too fast. We had way too many people in our business and if I was to have the chance to do it over, it would be that we stay private a lot longer.” “That‘s what killed the relationship, unfortunately, because I really loved him,” she said passionately. 50, a notorious troll, has yet to respond to Fox’s interview.