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Van Jones thinks Kim Kardashian will be an ‘unbelievable’ lawyer

“She’s doing amazing”

Van Jones couldn’t be more confident in  Kim Kardashian’s future as a lawyer.

The CNN anchor--who is also a lawyer himself--appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, where he talked with the host about his upcoming documentary, The First Step, which will tackle the subject of criminal-justice reform. Kim makes an appearance in the documentary.

“She’s doing amazing,” Jones told Ellen DeGeneres when she asked how the reality star is getting along with her studies. “She has used her platform to help people behind bars. Her dad [the late Robert Kardashian Sr.] was a lawyer, and she always wanted to be a lawyer.”

According to the author, once Kardashian “got a taste of what she could do using her platform, using her brain, she hasn’t let up.”

“I think she‘s gonna be an unbelievable attorney and she’s already one of the best advocates that we have in criminal justice,” he added.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Jones advocated for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s determination, telling Extra back in 2019 that Kim had impressed him with her passion to become a lawyer since they first met at the White House in late 2018.

“She takes these cases seriously,” he explained. “It’s embarrassing to go into a meeting with Kim Kardashian, you’re the attorney and she’s not and she knows more than you by far, and that happens all the time.”

Jones continued, “[Kim] is so prepared, she is so passionate, she reads the letters that she gets, and is always trying to figure out how to be helpful. People forget she is the daughter of a very accomplished lawyer. She is also the mother of three African-American kids, so that puts that criminal justice conversation in a different place.”

“She is just extraordinary, and people are just going to have to reassess,” the CNN anchor added. “She is not that kid that used to party with Paris Hilton.”

Kim Kardashian first revealed her aspirations to become a lawyer in an interview with Vogue in April 2019, saying she had begun a four-year apprenticeship with a firm in San Francisco with the goal of taking the bar in 2022.

While she’s still got a ways to go, Kardashian is progressing in her studies, taking the so-called “baby bar” last year in preparation for the real thing.

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