Kurt Cobain At The 1993 MTV Live And Loud

Kurt Cobain’s FBI file reveals letters claiming the singer was murdered

Included in the document, there’s a 2003 letter, stating that a great injustice might have been committed in the case of Kurt Cobain.

Ever since the tragic death of Kurt Cobain, there have been a number of conspiracy theories that follow the official ruling of the case, determined by the Seattle police in 1994.

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Although it was initially described as suicide, the FBI has now decided to make Kurt’s file public, giving hope to fans that believe the cause of death was different to what it was ruled in the beginning of the investigation.

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The 10-page file was posted online and includes a series of letters that declare “inconsistencies,” suggesting the 27-year-old singer’s death should be investigated as a murder, instead of suicide from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Included in the document, there’s a 2003 letter directed to government authorities, stating that a great injustice might have been committed in the case of Kurt Cobain.

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The writer also asks for a reexamination, as “Millions of fans around the world would like to see the inconsistencies surrounding the death cleared up once and for all,” adding that “It is sad to think that an injustice of this nature can be allowed in the United States.“

The response is also included and explains that “most homicide investigations generally fall within the jurisdiction of state or local authorities.”

However in order for the FBI to initiate an investigation, “specific facts must be present to indicate that a violation of federal law within our investigative jurisdiction has occurred.“

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