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Why John Legend give Chrissy Teigen the same gift every Mother’s Day

To be honest, the reason is adorable!

Chrissy Teigen receives the same gift every year for Mother’s Day, and she always looks forward to it! During a recent interview for InStyle magazine, John Legend revealed why the present is special and memorable.

“The first year after Luna was born in 2017, I thought that I would do a yearbook every year to give to Chrissy,” Legend tells InStyle. “So we do like a nicely bound yearbook every year, and I give it to her on Mother’s Day.”

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According to the singer, the album filled with pictures is something that the model and businesswoman really appreciate. “I just call it the ‘family yearbook.’ She knows it’s coming. She’s always excited to get [it],” he revealed to the publication.

“We really cherish them; the kids can look through them, and we can reminisce — we’ll have them forever,” Legend says about the personalized family yearbook. “I love putting them together and editing and picking photos. It’s like a labor of love.”

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Legend told the media outlet that the tradition actually started when he and Teigen celebrated their first anniversary. “We got all these beautiful photos taken by our photographer,” he shares. “So I got all the pictures edited and put into this beautiful coffee table book. And I was proud of myself. I was like, ‘OK, that’s a good gift.’”

Despite being one of the most successful musicians, John’s most important role is being Luna and Miles’s dad. The “All of Me” crooner expressed how impactful it is to instill good values in his children. “Occasionally, the topic of people’s appearance comes up, and sometimes Luna will ask me who I think is prettier between two people,” he explained. “And I try to let her know that it’s not for me to say. There are all kinds of ways to be pretty and all kinds of ways to be beautiful. We don’t have to compare ourselves to one another. It’s interesting that even at age five, they’re already getting that message, so I’m trying to dissuade her from even thinking that’s an area where she should be thinking about competition.”

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