Corey Calliet and Michael B. Jordan
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Here’s how celebrity trainer Corey Calliet got Michael B. Jordan’s body Navy SEAL ready

Both Calliet and Jordan are in the new Amazon Prime Video movie, “Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse” which is out today.

Let’s face it,  Michael B. Jordan’s body is one to admire. The actor works incredibly hard to get his body in tip top shape for his movie roles and the person right alongside Jordan for his grueling gym sessions is longtime friend and trainer,  Corey Calliet.

As he did for Jordan’s “Creed” and “Blank Panther” roles, Calliet spent countless hours in the gym with the actor helping him prepare for his new action film “Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse,” which is out today on Prime Video. Calliet not only trained Jordan for this movie, he too did the workouts right alongside the actor because Calliet also happens to have a role in this action war movie.

To celebrate the release of this new film Barry’s, the original strength and cardio interval fitness workout experience, partnered with Amazon Prime Video for a week of themed classes on their first-ever digital platform, Barry’s At Home.

The intense classes gave a taste of the tough training Jordan and Calliet both did to prep for their roles. HOLA! USA had the chance to speak with the celebrity trainer to talk all things working out and how he feels getting his feet wet in the acting world.

HOLA! USA: How has your busy week ahead of the movie premiere been?
You’re the man behind Michael B. Jordan’s incredible body, how long have you two been working together?
“Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse” is an action-packed film that Jordan plays a Navy SEAL in. What type of workouts did Jordan do to prepare for this film?
How do you figure out what type of workouts to plan for the different roles Jordan takes on?

You’re also going to be in this film! How did that come about?
Did you ever think you would be acting in a film?
Tell me a bit about why Barry’s and Amazon Prime Video’s partnership works so well?