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Natalia Jiménez starts a new life and her next musical chapter, returning stronger than ever

A year after their divorce, Natalia Jiménez reveals the reasons she ended her marriage and confesses to being in love again.

At the beginning of this 2021, Jiménez made it public knowledge that her romantic relationship with Daniel Trueba had come to an end after five years of marriage. Since then, the singer chose to address the separation from her husband with their four-year-old child Alessandra in mind. While it is true that as a public figure the news made headlines, the singer of “Creo en me” has been very careful and has only shared necessary information with the public.

With the wisdom that characterizes her, the Spanish star has already closed that chapter in her romantic life and is immersed in her new musical projects, one of which is a new single entitled ‘Qué bueno es tenerte.’ The song was born from another collaboration with Banda MS, which also coincides with the confirmation of a new musical chapter: a new record to be released in August 2021.

During an exclusive chat with HOLA! USA, Jiménez addresses her divorce:

“I filed for divorce last year… just a year ago. So, the truth is that it has been a process that we have carried out in private, as private as possible until people found out in January of this year. They just found out… a couple of days before we signed the agreement; then it was pretty good,” she said.

Similarly, she revealed to us, with excitement, that Arnold Hemkes, her road manager, is indeed the person who occupies an important place not only in her work but in her heart.

Natalia will make her acting debut in the Netflix series ‘Los Mariachis’ and is about to close an important transition in her professional career on the small screen, which will only add to her already extensive career that includes: Latin Billboard Award, two Lo Nuestro awards and several Latin Grammy nominations.

The artist starts a new life and a next musical chapter. She is returning stronger than ever!

Digital Cover Natalia Jimenez HOLA! USA©Hola
Photo: Omar Cruz

What music have you been listening to during this time and what inspires you?
Is it that music is an escape for problems …?
A pandemic that has brought good and bad things ...Let‘s start with the good and your new single with Banda MS. What is it about?
Where are you now?
Natalia Jiménez©Hola
Photo: Omar Cruz

In this time of change, how do you balance your personal and professional lives?
You live life without filters …
Are there things that you have learned about yourself that you may not have previously realized?
Speaking of difficult topics, how is the divorce process going?

Watch Natalia’s New Video with Banda MS!

Natalia Jiménez©Hola
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Is the divorce already finalized or is the legal process still underway?
In regards to your daughter, what have you agreed upon?
Have you two been on good terms?
Can you address the legitimacy surrounding your bankruptcy rumors?
Natalia Jiménez©Hola
Stylist: Rosa Clará | Hair: Juan Carlos Arriola | Makeup: Stephanie Sznicer | Photo: Arnold Hemkes

It must have been doubly difficult to face a divorce and then lose work due to the pandemic. What have you learned from these experiences?
¿En qué momento decides tomar un nuevo respiro en esta etapa?
At what point do you decide to take a new breath at this stage?
You have rekindled a love relationship with Arnold Hemkes. How do you feel?
Natalia Jiménez©Hola
Stylist: Rosa Clará | Hair: Juan Carlos Arriola | Makeup: Stephanie Sznicer | Photo: Arnold Hemkes

Would you remarry, do you still believe in marriage?
Because you said so?
What are your professional plans?
¿De qué se trata el proyecto televisivo?
Natalia Jimenez©Hola
Stylist: Rosa Clará | Hair: Juan Carlos Arriola | Makeup: Stephanie Sznicer | Photo: Arnold Hemkes


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