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A-Rod still ‘wants to get back together’ with Jennifer Lopez but to her, it’s ‘over’

The couple is reportedly figuring out how to be exes and remain friends

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez decided to part ways amicably at the start of April but the baseball player is reportedly having a harder time letting go. A source close to Lopez recently told PEOPLE that since ending her engagement over “long-simmering trust issues” Lopez has been “fine.” ”She is very strong and will continue to follow her heart,” they said. Of course, losing someone like J.Lo would never be easy and the source said, ”Alex seems to have a harder time letting go.” They added, “he still wants to get back together with Jennifer. But to her, their relationship is over.”

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The couple shot down break up rumors in March but in the end, Lopez finally called it quits because she could no longer fully “trust” Rodriguez. According to a source that spoke to PEOPLE, “She has been pretty miserable,” and “didn‘t think it was in her best interests to stay with Alex.” The source added that infidelity wasn’t the cause of their breakup but ”whether or not he has cheated doesn’t matter,” because “she won’t tolerate the fear of it in the air between them.”

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J.Lo and A-Rod on the way to dinner

A week after calling it quits the couple decided to face the heartbreak head-on and met for dinner at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles- the same spot they had their first date in 2017. A source told PEOPLE they reunited to “talk business and how to move forward in a friendly way.” The ex-couple is extremely business savvy and has joint business ventures and properties across the United States. Not to mention they even tried buying a baseball team together. “Jennifer and Alex are figuring out how to be exes and still remain friends,” added the source.

Assets asides, they’ve also grown extremely close with each other‘s kids and will continue to make them the main priorities. “Jennifer has been such a big part of Alex’s daughters’ lives, and she will continue to be a big part… She loves his girls. Their split is trickier because of the kids.” the source told PEOPLE. Thankfully they will all be nearby to figure things out but Lopez has no plans on leaving Miami. “Jennifer’s kids attend school in Miami, so this will still be their home base,” added the source.

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J.Lo A-Rod and the kids

And not only does A-Rod live in Florida, but so does J.Lo’s ex-husband Marc Anthony, who has reportedly been a “comforting presence” for Lopez. The 52-year-old recently their 13-year-old twins brought Max and Emme to the Dominican Republic to spend quality time with their mom. “Jennifer and Marc have a great relationship,” a friend told the outlet. “Having him around while she has had to work abroad has been very comforting.

After shooting in the DR for months, the actress revealed that “Shotgun wedding” has officially wrapped shooting. A few days later on Wednesday, April 28th Lopez revealed that the comedy hits theaters June 29, 2022.