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Travis Barker shared a steamy birthday post for girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian

The Poosh founder celebrated her 42nd birthday on Sunday.

Yesterday was Kourtney Kardashian’s 42nd birthday and according to social media, the Poosh founder was shown a lot of love, especially from her musician boyfriend Travis Barker.

On Sunday, the reality star posted to Instagram the romantic gesture Barker made for her which consisted of a massive floral arrangement that was on the ground, with some hanging from the air.

Floral arrangement from Travis Barker to Kourtney Kardashian for her birthday©Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian’s gift from boyfriend, Travis Barker.

On her Instagram story, Kardashian wrote alongside photos and videos of the arrangement, “Tulips and gardenias are my favorite flowers. My entire house smells yummy.”

While the stunning flower gift was sweet as is, the former Blink 182 member then went to his own Instagram page to share a very sweet and quite sexy post of him and his famous girlfriend. Alongside a photo of him holding Kardashian and sharing a steamy kiss, Barker wrote “I F****** LOVE YOU! 🖤 YOU’RE A BLESSING TO THIS WORLD HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kourtneykardash.”

The post consisted of six photos, the other two being one of the couple hugging next to a fire, another of Barker’s tattooed hand touching Kardashian’s foot, a blurry picture of the two cuddling, one of them holding hands, and the last one in the post was of the mom of three sucking on Barker’s thumb.

Comments flooded the birthday post, one being from Khloe Kardashian writing, “The Duke and the Duchess!!!!!!!!!!! Bridgerton vibes.” Another from Demi Lovato read, “Wow y’all are so hot it’s stupid 🔥.” Friend of the Kardashian family, Steph Shep wrote “YOU GUYS 🖤💀🖤🖤🖤.”

Kardashian received several other social media posts dedicated to her and her birthday. Younger sister Khloe posted various photos through the years of her and her sister writing, “Happy birthday my beautiful cutie pie @kourtneykardash!!! You are my soulmate!! My partner in every way. In any lifetime I will find you. I can’t imagine my life without you, nor would I ever want to imagine that.”

The caption continued, “You and I have an incredible rare bond that no matter what, it can never be broken. You are my best friend, my wrestling partner, you are the Danny Devito to my Arnold Schwarzenegger 👯‍♀️ #Twins!! I vow that I will always try and help you find a place to pee in any lifetime. We annoy everyone around us when we are together. (They just jealous).”

“Thank God I was blessed with the most incredible siblings I could dream of. Honestly, without you, my life would feel empty. My life would always feel as if something was missing. Today and every day, I pray that your soul is covered in love and from your core, I pray that you’re happy! For the rest of your life, You deserve only magical things! In all of the lifetimes before and in all of the lifetimes after, I will love you, protect you and respect you! To the happiest of birthdays my sister!! Jane, I love you!”