Billy Porter During London Fashion Week February 2020 - Day 4

Billy Porter talks self-care, the last season of POSE, and the experience of being Cinderella’s ‘Fab G’

The actor and singer virtually chatted with HOLA! USA about his latest projects.

There is something to say about having a clean uncluttered living space to give us peace of mind. Cleaning, organizing, and getting things in order is always on our to-do lists, but what could often be viewed as an overwhelming, daunting chore should be considered more of a form of self-care. That’s how singer and actor Billy Porter is viewing it. Porter said his recent partnership with Clorox Scentiva is to help the world reimagine their cleaning routine. HOLA! USA had the honor of chatting with Porter about self-care and his exciting upcoming projects.


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♬ YAS CLEAN! - Clorox Scentiva feat. Billy Porter

HOLA! USA: Can you tell us about your partnership with Clorox Scentiva and why keeping a tidy space is so important?
That’s such a smart way to view cleaning - making it more about self-care. Tell us about the #YasClean Sweepstakes that is about paying it forward.
Aside from this partnership, you are one busy bee with a lot of upcoming projects, one of them being the new season of POSE coming out. What can you tell us about this new season?
There’s also a new rendition of ‘Cinderella’ coming out this summer with yourself and a lot of other big name cast members. What was the experience like making a newer version of the film?

You’re making your directorial debut with the drama film, ‘What If?.’ Why was this story so important to you?