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Sofia Vergara remembers hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ nine years ago

“9 years ago today and I’m still overcome with gratitude”

It was almost a decade ago when Sofia Vergara hosted her very own episode of Saturday Night Live, and all these years later, she still thinks back on that memory fondly.

The Modern Family actress honored the nine year anniversary of her hosting gig on social media on Thursday, posting a few pictures chronicling the experience to Instagram.

“9 years ago today and I’m still overcome with gratitude that I got to work with these incredible comedians!” she wrote.

In the first slide, past a cover photo that simply reads “2012,” Sofia shows off one of her SNL promo photos: a black and white shot that sees the bombshell dressed in nothing but black tights and a top hat.

On the next slide, Vergara is acting out a sketch with cast member Kate McKinnon as the words, “Pretty,” “Glossy,” “Lush,” and “Science” appear on the bottom of the screen. After that, we see a still from that same sketch, but in this one, it looks like Sofia is breaking character as she tries to hide the laughter on her face with a water bottle.

The final photo features the actress standing alongside the musical guest for her episode of Saturday Night Live, One Direction. That picture seems to have fans in her comments section the most excited, with multiple followers commenting things like, “Sofia and One Direction my idols together.”

While Sofia is clearly well-acquainted with Saturday Night Live, she wasn’t always up on some of the other TV classics most of us know and love.

During a recent interview with PEOPLE, Vergara’s husband, Joe Manganiello, revealed that he spent a lot of his quarantine time introducing Sofia to shows he couldn’t believe she hadn’t seen before.

“Sofia had never seen The Sopranos, Mad Men, or The Wire,” the 44-year-old revealed. “So we watched every single episode of all of those shows, and a bunch of others too, during the pandemic.”

He continued, “It was like revisiting all the golden eras of TV that she had never seen before, which was really fun.”

In the same interview, the actress revealed that she got to do things with her husband that were typically out of the ordinary due to their busy schedules, like having dinner “every night together.”

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