Phillip Ashley Rix’s chocolate flavor blends are the perfect choice for Easter

Challenging your palate

Phillip Ashley Rix’s chocolate flavor blends are the perfect choice for Easter

This designer chocolatier provides an experience like no other

Phillip Ashley Rix is changing the dessert world with his imaginative flavor blends. From sweet potato to French bleu cheese, this designer chocolatier provides a chocolate experience like no other. Nicknamed by Forbes as “The Real-Life Willy Wonka” and honored as one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things” for 2020, this self-taught artist found a way to reimagine the industry and launch a product that not only challenges your palate but also give back to the community and the hardworking people who harvest the cacao beans.

Phillip’s expertise span from curating dining experiences at the James Beard House in New York City to creating tens of thousands of chocolates for major award ceremonies. Now, adapting to our new reality, the Memphis native chocolatier uses technology to virtually connect with his clients and offer them the opportunity to be part of his nationwide chocolate tastings with wine pairings and explain more about his unique spin on chocolate.

Phillip Ashley Rix’s chocolate flavor blends are the perfect choice for Easter©Phillip Ashley Chocolates
Phillip Ashley Rix

To continue using his understanding of flavors and chocolate, Rix will launch a special edition 50-piece “Taste of America” collection on Memorial Day to feature custom flavor profiles for each state. However, those eager to try his exquisite creations can enjoy his Ester Amaretto Peach, Thai Curry Cashew, or Grand Marnier Orange Blossom Honey chocolate from the Signature Collection available at Phillip Ashley Chocolates virtual boutique.

Curious about Phillip Ashley Rix’s vision, we decided to investigate more about his career and where he gets his creativity from. In an interview with HOLA! USA, he shared how he decided to venture into the chocolate industry and how he keeps his employees happy, healthy, and working during the pandemic.

Phillip Ashley Chocolates©Phillip Ashley Chocolates
Phillip Ashley Chocolates
Besides changing the way we work and interact with each other, the coronavirus pandemic affects our physical health and mental health. How are you and your family during these challenging times?
How did the pandemic affect your business, and how you managed to stay afloat despite the situation?
Although now you are an accomplished chocolatier, you used to had a corporate job. How you went from working in a company as an employee to owning your own business?
Do you remember the exact moment you took this life-changing decision?

Phillip Ashley Chocolates©Phillip Ashley Chocolates
Blood orange, añejo tequila, and Mexican vanilla bean with white chocolate
When it comes to blending ingredients that traditionally we would mix with chocolates, how do you know what works and what not so much?
Your chocolates are pieces of art. After finding the perfect flavor, how do you present them to the world?
You mentioned how important it is for you to keep your employees healthy and working. We all know that a diverse team is vital for every company. How diverse is your team, and how do you help them thrive?
You’ve had the opportunity to create chocolates for the Emmys, Grammys, and Oscars. Do you recall a reaction from the celebrities who enjoyed your chocolates?

Phillip Ashley Chocolates team©Phillip Ashley Chocolates
Phillip Ashley Chocolates
Another fantastic figure of the entertainment industry you have a story is with Oprah. How do you feel to be Oprah-approved?
It’s imperative to highlight that you do not make only chocolate lovers happy chocolate; you collaborate with the St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Can you tell us a little bit more about what you do with them?
Soon you will be launching the Phillip Ashley Foundation. Please, tell us about it.
Please send a message to the community, and motivate them to follow their dreams the same way you did.