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Exclusive Interview!

Diane Guerrero opens up about inclusivity, wellness, and her partnership with Smirnoff and Black Girl Ventures

The actress partnered with Smirnoff to help raise the bar(re) for Women’s History Month

Diane Guerrero has made a name for herself as an actress and immigrants rights activist and continues to advocate for positive change. Over the weekend the Orange is the New Black actress teamed up with Smirnoff to help raise the bar(re) for Women’s History Month. As part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to the Black community, Smirnoff is partnering with Washington, D.C.-based fitness studio, and Black women-owned small business,  SideBarre , to give hundreds of adults (21+) across the US the chance to attend a series of complimentary inspirational virtual barre classes from home in support of Black women entrepreneurs across the country. Smirnoff has made an overarching $500k commitment to the Black Community and is pledging $50,000 from those dollars to Black Girl Ventures – a charitable organization whose goal is to provide access to community and capital for Black and Brown women identifying business founders. HOLA! USA had the opportunity to talk to Guerrero before the event about why this partnership was so important to her, what she hopes for the future, and what she loves to listen to when she works out. Read the exclusive interview below and find the recipes for the delicious Smirnoff cocktails we made at the event that you can make at home.

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Diane Guerrero

I know you’re a big activist so how does it feel to be apart of this event, using your platform in such a special way?
So you mentioned the pandemic, I definitely fell of the wagon when it came to working out and lost most of my muscles. Tell me a little bit about how it affected you in terms of working out? How did you stay motivated, did you have a down period like everyone else?

Smirnoff Cocktail Recipes©Smirnoff X SideBarre
SZSI & Soda Coctail
I feel like at the beginning I was kind of working out in an unhealthy way. I think I was just going for it because I felt like that was something I could control and of course that wasn’t sustainable. (Guerrero)

That‘s a really good point you made, that sometimes working out can become a little unhealthy and something we do because we can control it
What do you hope the future looks like for Black and Brown women who are entrepreneurs?

Smirnoff Cocktail Recipes©Smirnoff X SideBarre
Lemon Drop Martini

So what‘s your favorite thing to listen to when you’re working out are you like a podcast girl are you a heavy metal girl?
Smirnoff Cocktail Recipes©Smirnoff X SideBarre