Joe Manganiello and Sofía Vergara
True Love

Joe Manganiello gushes over Sofia Vergara and their dog Bubbles

‘I couldn’t have asked for a better quarantine partner’

Joe Manganiello and Sofía Vergara celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary back in November and now he’s sharing all the sweet things they did to celebrate. But she’s not the only who has his love. On Friday the actor appeared on The Ellen Show and was interviewed by his Magic Mike XL costar and the show’s guest host, tWitch. Manganiello is currently promoting his new movie “Shoplifters of the World” and opened up to tWitch about his life with Vergara, and how their dog Bubbles won over his heart. Read all the adorable details below.

Sofia, Joe and Bubbles©Joe Manganiello
Sofia, Joe and Bubbles

When the host asked Manganiello how life was like with Vergara her immediately praised her saying, “I couldn’t have had a better quarantine partner. I am lucky, we laugh all day long, every day, we have a great time. So as funny as you think she is, she is that way at home too. So we just have a great time, it’s been tolerable,” he quipped. Manganiello also shares his love with their adopted 4 pound Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix named Bubbles. He explained that she was brought to them by Dogs Without Borders and Bubbles was sick at the time with 11 bladder stones and cysts that they thought maybe cancerous.

Joe Manganiello and Bubbles©Joe Manganiello
Joe Manganiello and Bubbles

Manganiello admitted the dog was Vergara‘s decision,“I didn’t want a dog,” he explained “but of course I walked into the room, the dog perked up, looked at me, came running over at me jumping like ‘pick me up, pick me up’ growling a the people of the shelter like ‘go away I found Da Da, so go leave’ and that’s how its been ever since.”

He took Bubbles to a surgeon the next day and said, “whatever you got to do, I don’t care how the stones got there, get them out, cut around the cyst, make sure you get rid of all the cancerous tissues, regardless, I’m just going to take care of this dog.” The Justice League actor signed the adoption papers while she was in surgery and said she’s the light of their life.