Sophie Lopez Colombian fashion stylist
Latina Powerhouse

Meet Sophie Lopez: The Colombian fashion stylist for Kate Hudson, Yalitza Aparicio, and more

The Los Angeles-based stylist built a career in the industry with vision and hard work.

London-born Colombian fashion stylist Sophie Lopez is the professional behind the looks of Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, Yalitza Aparicio, and many more. Although now her clientele includes mostly female powerhouses, the Los Angeles-based stylist built a career in the industry with hard work and creativity, focusing on menswear.

While living in the UK, Lopez began working at British GQ. After landing numerous “Men of The Year” covers, she decided to conquer the always-evolving world of apparel and accessories for women.

Today, the celebrity stylist has made a name by herself to the point of also adding brands such as New York & Company, Fabletics, and Bebe to her roster.

Sophie Lopez sat down with HOLA! USA to share more details about her upbringing and if there’s a fashion line in her future.

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You are the total package! A Latina from London, making it big in the United States. What can you tell us about your ethnic background?
And how’s your Spanish now?
After finishing your studies. How did you become a renowned fashion stylist?
Our Hispanic parents are very traditional when it comes to careers. When you told them that you wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry, did they supported you right away?
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Representation matters a lot, and Latinas want to be represented in every single industry. What do you do to further our culture? Do you collaborate with Latin American designers when you are dressing your clients, or at least you try to include a few Latinx pieces into the wardrobe?
How do you prepare yourself for the award season?
Many fashion stylists love to collaborate with other big brands. Would you like, or are you thinking of releasing your clothing line?
You are an inspiration to many Latinas who want to be part of this competitive but outstanding fashion world. What would you say to them?
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