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Paris Hilton says Lindsay Lohan crashing her 2006 car ride with Britney Spears was ‘awkward’

Paris Hilton admitted she and Lindsay Lohan were “having some drama” when the iconic photo was taken

Paris Hilton is finally giving fans some insight into an iconic photo that was taken more than a decade ago.

During the most recent episode of the socialite’s podcast, This Is Paris, Hilton explained what was going on behind the scenes when the paparazzi snapped the infamous photo of her, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan smiling inside of a car together back in 2006.

At the time, the photo was so surprising to fans because many of them believed all three stars were feuding, which led to the picture being dubbed, “The Holy Trinity.”

According to Paris, there was some drama going on behind the scenes.

“That was a night that Britney and I went out, and we were at the Beverly Hills Hotel, at our friend‘s party, and we decided to leave to go home,” she explained on her podcast. “We were walking to the car and all the sudden got swarmed by tons of paparazzi. Just as we were walking to the car, that’s when Lindsay came up. It was kind of awkward because we were having some drama.

Paris went on to say that as she and Britney were getting into the car, a photographer asked her about a video that was circulating, in which Lohan claimed that Hilton hit her.

“At that moment I saw Lindsay walking towards us, and I said ‘Why don’t you just ask her?’ ” Hilton explained. ”And Lindsay said ... ‘No, Paris would never hit me, I’ve known her since I’m 15.’ It was basically just, not admitting what she did. It was quite awkward, you know, to be asked that question, and it was just weird how that whole thing happened.”

She continued, “All of the sudden, I looked over, and she’s in my car. We weren’t getting along, so I was polite. It was really hard just to even get out of there, because I couldn’t see just with all the cameras.”

Later on in the podcast, Paris said that she and the Mean Girls actress used to be “close friends,” but things ended up getting complicated. Still, she attributes most of that drama to being young and immature.

She did some things to really hurt me and betrayed my trust, and caused a lot of drama,” Hilton said about Lohan. “So we weren‘t friends anymore, and it was kind of like this on and off friendship.”

She continued, “But when I think about it now, we were just so young, immature. It was like high school drama, especially in the L.A. scene, and to live it out in public with the media constantly trying to stir things up and make things worse than they were. Back then, the media really enjoyed having girls feud with each other.

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