Jesse Williams
Game Night!

Jesse Williams opens up about his Latinx gaming app ‘Ya Tu Sabes’ in this exclusive interview

Get ready for endless hilarious game nights all about Latinx culture. Last week Visibility Media released ‘Ya Tú Sabes,’ a trivia-inspired game that explores popular Latinx culture. Described as “Lotería Meets Charades-Inspired” the mobile app was developed by Greys Anatomy’s Jesse Williams, conceptual artist Glenn Kaino, and former exec at NBA Latin America, Arturo Nuñez. It features diverse categories like cumbia, fiestas, and futbol, regional themes. and was created to celebrate the rich diverse culture among Hispanics in the US. Before Ya Tú Sabes the creators released the award-winning Black culture-themed BLeBRiTY app. HOLA! USA had the opportunity to talk to Williams all about the app and what he hopes the positive long-lasting impact it has for people from every culture. Read the interview below.

Ya Tu Sabes©Ya Tu Sabes
Ya Tu Sabes

I like the description of Ya Tu Sabes, Loteria meets charades. Loteria is such a popular game in any Latin household, and every holiday we have our frijoles ready. Did you use to play the game at all?
Yeah so it sounds like you really love game nights

Ya Tu Sabes©Ya Tu Sabes
Ya Tu Sabes
I feel like so often that’s not a side of black or latin culture that really we see in media, like good old family fun that doesn’t have the hard edge that is always represented with urban living. [Williams]

Right, that‘s so true. I know you had BLeBRity before but what made you have this spark like, ‘I want to do this in a Latin version?
Ya Tu Sabes©Ya Tu Sabes

What level of Latino history or knowledge do you have to have to play the game? Like my white best friend will she be able to jump on and play with me?
...shine a bright light on the beauty and expression of this culture that is far beyond American media. [Williams]

So one of the things I got really excited about was how much the team used words like “diversity and representation and I know that you are a big activist, so what is the lasting impact you hope Ya Tu Sabes has on a big scale. You know not just you want people to play it.

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