Dancing Queens

Did Ciara do a better job than Cardi B at her own ‘Up’ challenge?

There was even a drone in her video

There are plenty of dance challenges out there but Cardi B’s for her song “UP” has taken over social media the same way the song has taken over the charts. The challenge is a dance that she does in the music video that is around 35 seconds long. It definitely requires some strength and agility, to say the least. There have been some impressive renditions but now that Ciara got involved people are calling for the challenge to be over because she nailed it. Everyone knows Ciara, 35, can dance and she has always had strong knees to drop it low but the clip even gave Megan Thee Stallion a run for her money. And the production value was wild. Not only was Ciara doing the iconic dance on top of what has to be a multimillion dollar yacht that has a jacuzzi, there were drone shots and edits in the iconic 36 second clip.

Ciara tagged Cardi B in the caption but it doesn’t seem like she has responded yet. Ciaras video has over 3 million views on her page and her famous friends like Kim Kardashian, Kerry Washington, and Lala Anthony shared love in the comments. Plus it has almost another 4 million on the popular IG page TheShadeRoom. Fans left hilarious comments on the post like, “this the rich version of this challenge. Issa music video at this point.” Another fan wrote, “ok but where can I buy strong knees like Ciara from.” Others called for Beyonce to “really” finish the challenge. Not everyone was fans though, there were some haters saying she gave them “auntie vibes.” No matter what, both women killed it. Check out the original video below and try the challenge for yourself.