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Exclusive: Camilo ‘My greatest passion is to create universes with my guitar’

The Colombian singer-songwriter discusses his latest album, ‘Mis Manos,’ his love of music-making and future plans

There are many factors that are necessary for an artist to be known in the demanding music industry, let alone be deemed popular with the public. Camilo possesses several of these attributes; but the most important of all is his ability to write and perform great songs. The Colombian artist has not stopped composing since he began at an early age, perfecting his creative journey all in the company of his guitar.

He’s currently on a long stretch of global recognition. Camilo started 2021 in the best possible way as he released his latest record entitled ‘Mis Manos’ and received recognition for his continued work. After winning his first Latin GRAMMY in November 2020, the Medellín native swept the 2021 Premio Lo Nuestro taking home five awards. As if that weren’t enough, his album ’Por Primera Vez’ is nominated for Best Latin or Urban Pop Album at the Grammy Awards.

The young singer - about to turn 27 on March 16 - still has a lot to say and as is obvious on his latest album, which utilizes a broader musical formula by embracing different genres including cumbia, ranchera and more.

In an exclusive interview with HOLA! USA, Camilo shared his thoughts about how his latest work is a representation of what he calls the best album of his career. Additionally, he told us about his journey from Colombia to Miami, how he keeps his feet on the ground, his unique and personal style and the revelation of his musical idols.

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Camilo, you have had a spectacular start to the year. You took home five Lo Nuestro awards and you won a Latin Grammy. Besides that, you are nominated for a Grammy. How does this make you feel?
Your single, ‘Ropa Cara’ is breaking YouTube records in playlists. Is it true that you had doubts about releasing it?
How do you feel about the success you are having in your career?
How do you feel about contributing a little bit of your talent to the whole world?

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Photos: Cristian Saumeth

You are about to release your new album ‘Mis Manos’… How did you get inspired and what does this headline mean to you?
How does it emerge from these ideas and these new rhythms?
What other things can you tell us about what we are going to see in ‘Mis Manos’?
How did you make the decision to leave your native Colombia to come to the United States?

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How has this return to your country been?
What was it like transitioning from composer to performer?
Who is your idol right now?
What are some key things that have helped you become the artist that you are today?
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Photos: Cristian Saumeth

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from watching your father-in-law work?
How have you managed to keep your feet on the ground and wake up well centered every day?
Tell us about your style of dressing, your look and where did the concept of the tribe come from?
What would you say to Camilo as a child who dreamed of living off his guitar, his notebook?
Camilo Echeverry©Hola
Photos: Cristian Saumeth