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Farruko talks about his new singles and reveals how it’s like to work with Myke Towers and El Alfa

“This is the key that I am giving to my fans so they can see what is inside the album,” he says.

After finishing 2020 with success, Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Farruko begins 2021 big and with a double musical release. Titled “Premium,” the urban music superstar gives his fans a taste of what’s to come.

As Farruko tells HOLA! USA, “Premium” is a bundle that includes two collaborative themes. The first is titled “Oh Mama,” featuring the also islander Myke Towers, and the second is called “XOXA” with Dominican rapper El Alfa. “This is a very nice project,” says the 29-year-old singer born in Bayamón. “This is the key that I am giving to my fans so they can see what is inside the album. This is a package that has the gasoline that we will give to the fans before launching La 167, my next album that will come out any minute.”

Farruko en el doble lanzamiento de sus más recientes canciones "Oh Mama" y "XOXA"©Agencies
The Puerto Rican star set to break barriers with the dual release for his latest songs “Oh Mama” and “XOXA”

According to the reggaeton star, he decided to release these two songs as they were the ones that caught his attention. “I said, ‘I’m going to release them so the fans can enjoy them,’” he says. “They have different styles.”

In “XOXA,” Farruko and El Alfa unite two powerful cultures to achieve the perfect combination between the iconic Dominican rhythms like Bachata and Dembow with the emblematic sounds of Reggaetón. “For the song with El Alfa, I think it is the first time that reggaeton and dembow merge in the same song. I hadn’t seen it and if someone did it, then excuse me, but it is the first time I have seen this happen.”

2020 Vibra Urbana Music Fest©GettyImages
El Alfa performs on stage during ‘2020 Vibra Urbana Music Fest’

Inspired by the films “The Mask,” “Napoleon Dynamite,” and “Rocky,” the music video, directed by Fernando Lugo, shows both artists in a parody never seen before. In this track, Farruko and El Alfa show the person they once loved that they have moved on to better things.

As for “Oh Mama,” Farruko comments that it is a more sensual song and different from what he has done before. “We recorded this song with different sounds. We used a live saxophone to give it the most romantic, most erotic touch,” he says. The music video for this song elevates the lyrics with images of seductive dancing and erotic colors.

2020 Vibra Urbana Music Fest©GettyImages
Myke Towers performs on stage during ‘2020 Vibra Urbana Music Fest’

When it comes to developing the creative process or recording the songs, Farruko tells how it is working alongside Myke Towers and El Alfa.

“They both like to party, but they are extremely professional kids,” he says to HOLA! USA.

“They are grateful. I am proud that this project is with the two of them. I have had the opportunity to be with them since their beginnings and add a little bit of me to their careers. Among the first collaborations that Myke Towers had was ‘Si se da.’ A powerful theme,” he adds. “With El Alfa too, I was there for ‘Banda De Camión,’ and many more.”

The award-winning artist said he has also been able to advise his colleagues on their music careers and teach them how to navigate the industry. “I am proud to see both of them now in their best moments and that they have such a clean heart,” says Farruko, adding that he is happy to know that they are there for him. “When I knock on the door, and they say, ‘Of course I am here!’ That brings a good vibe and makes things flow.”

Enjoy below the music videos for “Oh Mama” and “XOXA”