Ozuna stars in Tom & Jerry
Exclusive Interview!

Ozuna says starring in Tom & Jerry was like ‘being in a dream’ in this exclusive interview

“When they told me I was going to be in the movie it was emotional”

Ozuna makes a special cameo in Tom and Jerry starring Chloë Grace Moretz and Michael Peña and the movie just came out TODAY February 26th! The feel-good action-comedy is based on the classic cartoon that goes back to the 1940s about a smart and sneaky mouse named Jerry and a stubborn and clumsy cat named Tom. It’s a live-action/toon hybrid from Warner Animation Group that is bringing nostalgia to people everywhere, including Ozuna who has a special place in his heart for the cartoon. In an exclusive interview with HOLA! USA the “King of Reggaeton” shared memories growing up watching the show in Puerto Rico, and how being on the set was “like being in a dream.” Read Ozuna’s interview below and watch Tom & Jerry today in select theaters and on HBO Max.

Tom & Jerry Movie Poster©Warner Bros
Tom & Jerry Movie Poster

*This interview has been translated from Spanish to English.*

Hi Ozuna! Thank you for your time and congratulations on all your nominations at Premio Lo Nuestro, your performance with Anuel AA, the movie, you have so much amazing stuff happening!

OZUNA: Thank you! And thank you for the opportunity and your time.

So Tom and Jerry is going to be out in two days and one reason that I am very excited is because of the number of Latinos that appear in the film. We have the star Michael Peña, the voice of your friend Nicky Jam, and a cameo from you. How do you feel about being part of this project?

OZUNA: This is a big opportunity, really, because I grew up watching these little characters. So to be there where they are recording the movie, just seeing them, that itself was like I was in a dream. And it’s a big opportunity for me too, I’m thankful for Warner Bros and all the production for having me act in the movie and all the work they have been putting in. I think Latinos are taking over the world. In this day there are a bunch of different ethnicities from all around the world working on projects like this. So to have this Latino presence in a project this big... I feel proud to be part of it And to have a cameo makes me hungry to keep growing and gives me more opportunities to keep growing and growing. And I am very thankful.

OZUNA and Director TIM STORY on the set of Warner Bros Tom & Jerry©Daniel Smith
Ozuna and Director Tim Story

HOLA! USA: So I know you’re a fan. I am too, when I was a little girl my dad had hours and hours of Tom & Jerry recorded on those big VHS’s and we watched them every night. Tell me a little bit about your history with the show. Did you watch it with your siblings?

OZUNA: My grandma is actually the person that got me into it when I was little in Puerto Rico. I remember it like it was today, she would put on Cartoon Network and it was just, ‘Tom and Jerry, Tom and Jerry, Tom and Jerry, Tom and Jerry, Tom and Jerry.’ So it’s like wow, seriously when they approached me for this movie, I didn’t think I would be chosen. I told myself I’m gonna do it but I don’t think i’ll be chosen since I don’t really act or anything like that, what I do is music. So a big project like Tom and Jerry they won’t choose me. when they told me I was going to be in the movie it was emotional, I have my Tom and Jerry T-shirt, shoes, I have all these different Tom and Jerry things, I’m a real fan, I feel proud to be there with them.

Who isyour favorite character? Tom or Jerry? Which one is more like you?

OZUNA: (laughing)I’m team Jerry.

If you’re on Team Mouse, you’ll want to see #TomAndJerryMovie in theaters and streaming exclusively on @HBOMax * this Friday.©@ABCMOUSE
Team Mouse

Tell me a little bit about your time on set with everyone and the film’s director, Tim Story.

OZUNA: Seriously I am so thankful for him he helped me so much. He took me by the hand and gave me a tour all around the set where they record everything, the studio, all around the movie set. Like I said it was a whole new world for me to learn about the art of the movie industry. This is something significant that started with Que Leon and Que Leon 2. I am so thankful they gave me the opportunity to show the world that I can do other things aside from music and they thought of me. And the experience with the team, the director, just seeing them record everything it just stays with me in my mind and I will never forget it.

OZUNA and Director TIM STORY on the set of Warner Bros Tom & Jerry©Daniel Smith
Ozuna and Director Tim Story

HOLA! USA: And how did you prepare for the film?

OZUNA: The director helped me a lot, and I have a person that helps me with my acting, my friend Brandon. So if I was having problems with the lines I would give him a copy of the script and say ‘you’re this part, I’m this part,’ and we would go back and forth. For ‘Que Leon,’ ‘Tom and Jerry,’ ‘Fast and Furious,’ it was like that. And having a director excited to help like him, I’m forever thankful.

So you have Tom and Jerry and you are also in Fast and Furious 9 which is coming out this yea. Do you think we will see you in more movies in the future? Maybe as a protagonist?

OZUNA: Yes if I have the opportunity to do another great film like this I will. I know my fans want to see more Ozuna in movies and If I have the opportunity, I will.

HOLA! USA: And how do you like acting in comparison to singing? They are very different things.

OZUNA: They are very different things. Believe me, they are very different things. What I can say is, to prepare myself to sing is like 45 min to an hour and a half. But acting is like going to University and dedicating hours from 7 pm to 8 pm. It‘s something on another level. Discipline is a must.

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