Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz revealed her self-care tips and the time she did Salma Hayek’s hair and makeup

The actress talked about her regimen in a new Elle Canada interview.

Penelope Cruz is one of those celebrities whose beauty we could never stop admiring! Aside from good genetics, Cruz is diligent about taking care of her skin, hair, and body. She recently revealed to Elle Canada what her regimen is and how exactly she practices self care.

According to the magazine, the 46-year-old is adamant about getting her beauty sleep. “I wake up around 7:30 a.m. I need seven or eight hours of sleep a night. If I’m not working, I try to exercise in the morning. Then I have breakfast with my family, and if it’s a school day, I get my two kids, Leo and Luna, ready to leave.”

Speaking of breakfast, the Spanish actress keeps plenty of whole foods in her refrigerator. “We have lots of organic fruit and vegetables and free-range meat and fish. In our cupboards, we have quinoa, pasta, brown rice, coconut sugar, stevia and chocolate. I love eating healthily. I don’t follow a particular diet, but I love organic, healthy food; my kids also eat this way,” she revealed in the interview.

After her workout, Cruz will either eat “eggs, fruit, homemade cereals or spelt toast and sometimes celery juice,” she said. “I also take some natural supplements and have an organic protein shake. I love organic arabica coffee with almond milk, but I have no more than two a day.”

When it comes to Cruz’s hair and beauty, she keeps things simple. “I do dry body brushing every once in a while; it helps to eliminate toxins. Also, my makeup artist, Pablo Iglesias, used a jade roller on me on the set of our last movie, and guess what? It really works.”

Regarding her hair Cruz told Elle, “I do it almost all by myself! I grew up in my mother’s hair salon, so I know a few tricks for keeping it healthy. I know how to cut, colour and blow-dry people’s hair. I did Salma Hayek’s hair and makeup right before a premiere once; the house lost power so I had to do it by candlelight! It was a challenge.”

“I keep it natural. If I’m having a bad-hair day, I make it even messier by adding some dry shampoo for volume.”

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