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Tennis Is the New Hobby! Nicky Jam, Jamie Foxx, and More Celebs Hitting the Court

This is your sign to start playing tennis

Have you been looking for a new hobby to get you through the never-ending pandemic? Then you might want to head to your local sports store or estate sale and get yourself a pair of Tennis rackets. The United States Tennis Association (USTA) has amazing athletes like Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka but you don’t have to be a professional to hit the court. Celebrities have even gotten their hands on some rackets and have been balling up. Per the USTA, Tennis participation boomed in 2020 as the ideal social distancing sport. According to recent data from the Physical Activity Council’s Participation report, 4 million more people played tennis in 2020 than in 2019. A recent study, evaluating the surface of various sports balls, showed that tennis balls used during normal play are unlikely to lead to the risk of developing COVID-19.  Tennis is great for your body and mind too. There is even research that found adult recreational tennis players had higher general, physical, social, and mental health scores than the general population. Interest in the sport has no signs of stopping and celebs like Nicky Jam , Jamie Foxx , and Emma Roberts  have all hit some balls. Check out some of your favorite celebs on the court!

Nicky hit the courts with businessman and tennis lover Dave Grutman and singer Cedric Gervais a few weeks ago. He shared the pic on his IG and said he had a good tennis day in the caption.

Foxx thought it would be a good idea to challenge tennis professional Christopher Eubanks on the court. The athlete can serve up to 140 MPH but Fox joked “He serves about 140 miles an hour. What‘s that to a player, what’s that to a pimp?”

Model Winnie Harlow had some tennis lessons and shared some action shots on her IG.

Roberts might still be on mommy leave from Tennis but back in April, she was hitting the courts in style.

Courtney Cox practiced her skills back in October and shared a video showing how important practice is. She captioned the video, “Instagram vs reality.”

Amanda Kloots, television personality and the widow of Broadway actor Nick Cordero who passed away from COVID-19, shared how she used tennis to help grieve the loss of her late husband. In August Kloots posted a video of her playing in a super cute outfit and wrote in the caption, “Starting something brand new, for me, with no ties to my past life was advice I got from my best friend to help with my grieving process. I am so glad I took this advice because I took up a new sport and am loving playing tennis! It is an hour for myself where I get out of the house, focus on something else, move my body, work hard, laugh, learn and listen. Tennis is a sport I’ve always wanted to play and have always made excuses starting.”

Rapper Meek Mill hit the court with businessman Michael Rubin and showed a very different side of himself. Rubin shared a video of the two novice tennis players and Mill doing some pretty cute bunny hops after scoring a point. “Everything pathetic about this but most pathetic is the 300 bunny hops meek owes me for taking a big L!!” Rubin captioned the post.

Sofia Richie shared this artsy photo of her tennis racket and captioned the pic, “Game, set, match”

Brittany Matthews, fiance of NFL Quarterback star, Patrick Mahomes just announced her pregnancy but the soon-to-be mom started playing Tennis back in May 2020. She called it her “New Hobby” on Instagram.