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Photoshop Fail

Is Megan Fox Really an Anti-Masker?

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet

Megan Fox came under fire Friday night on Twitter after a fake anti-mask post allegedly written by the actress went viral. Per PopCulture, a Twitter page called @PopAlertNews shared an edited photo of Fox and her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly walking through an airport mask-less along with a fake statement from the actress “defending” her decision to not wear a mask. People quickly retweeted and shared the screenshot and it went viral, leading to Fox becoming a trending topic on Twitter in minutes. However, Fox was a victim of terrible editing and mass manipulation and it was fake. The Twitter page that shared it has since been deleted. Fox acted swiftly and posted a statement on her Instagram story confirming she has never said anything about masks. Fox’s fans also defended the actress on Twitter saying she “deserves better.”

Screenshot of @Popalertnews tweet©Twitter per PopCulture
Screenshot of @Popalertnews Tweet

The account “PopAlertNews” posted an obviously fake photo and statement on Friday. The “statement” was made to look like it was posted from her Instagram account and read, “I noticed comments on social media questioning y decision to not wear a mask in public. While I appreciate the concern of my fans and others, it is ultimately my decision to trust the universe to keep me and my family safe. We are OK. The fans I met did not have any issues and if they did, I would have gladly give them space or put one on since I always carry one with me for the comfort of other people. Ultimately, I do not think bullying is the way to go about this. Please respect our beliefs, values, privacy.” Fox fired back on Instagram and with a short statement confirming the statement was fake.

“I‘ve never made any statements regarding masks,” Fox wrote. ”Scary that you can go viral and possibly be socially crucified for something you haven’t done. The internet is so FUN.”

Megan Fox's Statement©Megan Fox
Megan Fox‘s Statement

The actress’s fans defend her on Twitter noting the misogyny and hate she has dealt with throughout her career. “Can we talk about how PopAlertNews got suspended after spreading false news against Megan Fox,” one fan wrote. “All this woman does is mind her own business. Like y’all really hate gorgeous and successful women. She really been through too much in this industry for y’all to be such a—holes.” “Megan Fox IMMEDIATELY trends on Twitter and for what? No one saw her post on Instagram, y’all just saw SCREENSHOTS,” one Twitter user wrote. “Y’all really quick to jump on the hate train against strong, beautiful women and it shows.” They also shared photos of Fox wearing masks in public.

Lesson of the day: don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Especially when it looks like a child photoshopped it.

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