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Kim Kardashian gives Tristan Thompson advice on getting back with Khloe

He doesn’t want to be kept a secret

Fans have been speculating on Khloé Kardashian’s relationship with Tristan Thompson for years now, wondering if they ever got back together following his bouts of infidelity while Khloé was pregnant.

While the pair claimed to only be co-parenting, they seemed to get closer and closer, and during the pandemic, the couple quarantined together. While Khloé still hasn’t confirmed the status of their relationship, on a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, her sister, Kim Kardashian, is trying to Tristan sort things out for himself.

“Some days are good,” Thompson says after Kim asks how they’re doing. “And some days, she gets a little frustrated by what’s going on with the media.

That’s when the KKW Beauty mogul gives her opinion on the situation, stating that she thinks Khloé wants to be with Tristan, but she’s afraid of what the public will think.

“I don‘t even think it’s to her anymore about getting over the past things that you guys have been through,” Kim says. “I think it’s just mostly what other people are gonna think. I think she’s totally fine otherwise she wouldn’t be hanging out with you 24/7.

Tristan agrees with this assessment, saying, “She’s carrying a suitcase of other people’s opinions and thoughts.” That’s when Kim admits she’s surprised by this behavior from Khloe, saying she’s not used to seeing Khloe like this: “She was always, like, the tough Khloe that doesn’t give a f**k.”

As for Thompson, he doesn’t share those same insecurities, even bringing up Kim’s husband, Kanye West, and his attitude toward fans and the media.

“You’re never gonna get to the finish line if you’re trying to always please the masses,” he says. “You just gotta live for yourself.”

“Like Ye, he don‘t give a damn if you like him or not,” Tristan continued. “But guess what, he’s happy and he’s gonna do it his way and you’re gonna like him or not. That’s why I respect him. You’re gonna ride this journey the way you want to and it’s either people are gonna be with you or against you, but at least if you die, you’re going to die doing it your way...That’s my mentality. And she’s gotta understand it too.”

In the end, Kim wraps things up by urging Tristan to sit down and have this very conversation with her sister.

“Honestly, I just think that you should talk to her,” she says. “That you should just tell her you don‘t want to rush her process, but...that you don’t want to be this, like, kept secret because she is so embarrassed. Like, that makes you sad.”

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