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Drew Barrymore says she’s never had plastic surgery “I’m a highly addictive person”

The actress has been candid about her childhood drug use in the past

Drew Barrymore revealed on Wednesday that despite being surrounded by the pressures of Hollywood beauty standards, she has never had plastic surgery or done anything to her face. The 45-year-old actress talked about the beauty industry with Ross Mathews and on her talk show “The Drew Barrymore Show” and said her addictive personality is one of the main reasons why “I know myself” she explained. But she might decide to get it one day, “never say never.” She said.

Barrymore said “never say never” but noted getting married again is the only exception, “I’ve never done anything to my face and I would like to try to not to. Never say never. I can never get married again- that’s true, I’ll never get married again.” Barrymore said the main reason she hasn’t gotten injections or gone under the knife is her addictive personality. “I just… I know myself. I’m a highly addictive person.” She told Mathews. “I do one injection, I’m going to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein by Friday,” she said referencing the socialite known for her “catlike appearance” after spending millions on multiple cosmetic surgeries, per Page Six.

Mathews asked if there was a moment she made that decision and she explained, “I think because I’m so rebellious that I saw all of that pressure and I saw all of those women torturing themselves to look a certain way and I thought, ‘You miserable people.” Instead, Barrymore is just embracing everything that comes with life, including the physical side of aging. “I just wanted to never be afraid of what life would do to me. I probably went to too many opposite extremes. Now I’m boring and safe and healthy. But I would love if there were some way that we can let go and give in to the ride of life a little more.” The “50 First Dates” actress continued, “We’re gonna age, things are gonna go south and it’s okay and it’s a part of life and I feel more human and more vulnerable every year of my life, but I also know how to appreciate every year more and more, too.” “And I’m a little crazy,” she concluded.

Barrymore used drugs as a child and use and by the age of 12, she had already been in rehab and then in a mental institution. In a 2019 interview with Glamour UK, she made a smilier comparison to drugs and plastic surgery and had the same views on aging. “I’ve never done heroin, and I don’t want to get plastic surgery because I feel like they’re both very slippery slopes. I feel if I try either, I’m going to be dead really soon. We’ve gone far too far with [plastic surgery], especially when people who are so young are doing it,” Barrymore said at the time, “I feel aging is a privilege. It’s about how to do it gracefully, with humor, self-love, and a respect for the process, and that’s always been really important to me.”