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Ximena Duque gives birth to her third child, little Skye

The actress gave birth to her second daughter with Jay Adkins this Saturday, February 6

Ximena Duque and Jay Adkins welcomed little Skye this Saturday, February 6. The actress shared the news on her Instagram. This is Ximena’s third child, and second daughter with Adkins, with whom she already has little Moon (3 years old). Skye‘s birth was scheduled for February 14, however, the baby came forward and curiously, Ximena already sensed it, as she explained in one of her stories on Instagram. “What is the maternal instinct… I had a feeling that it was going to come this weekend. What’s more, I said that the 7th was coming, but I was wrong for a day.”

With these words Ximena shared the great news! “Skye Adkins, 06/01/2021. After 20 hours our princess arrived ... The delivery ended in a caesarean section, I still can‘t believe how complicated it was, but I am sure of one thing and that is that it was all worth it. I LOVE YOU My princess @skyeadkins_3 #newborn #baby #skye #babygirl @jayadkins3 you are the best husband and daddy, thanks for being by my side❤️.”

Skye Adkins y Ximena Duque ©Ximena Duque

Skye‘s arrival comes just a few weeks after Ximena Duque’s family overcame Coronavirus. In mid-January, sources close to the actress revealed HOLA! USA that she, her husband, as well as her three-year-old daughter, had tested positive for COVID-19, while Ximena’s eldest son, Cristan Carabias tested negative. Adkins and Luna were slowly coming out of the disease, but the 35-year-old businesswoman was just beginning the symptoms. They were so intense that his doctor decided it would be best for her to go to a medical center in Miami to monitor his condition.

Luna, hija de Ximena Duque©@ximenaduque
Ximena Duque reveló a HOLA! USA que ella y su esposo han decidido no tener más hijos después de Skye

After a few days with severe discomfort and a high fever, Ximena arrived at the hospital where she was diagnosed with double pneumonia. In addition, the actress herself revealed that Skye’s amniotic fluid had dropped to 5.7, when the normal was 10. After specialized treatment, a lot of care and above all with a brave and warrior attitude, Ximena went ahead and was able to return home, once she was discharged from the hospital.

En exclusiva Ximena Duque posa por primera vez©Hola
La gran familia de Ximena Duque y Jay Adkins

Once reunited with her family, the Colombian-born actress made up for lost time with her loved ones and prepared everything for the arrival of her third daughter. After a difficult few weeks, the family is now enjoying this new blessing in their lives, which has come to complete their happiness.

¿More babies?

In an exclusive interview with HOLA! USA, last November, the businesswoman assured that after three children, she already felt more than fulfilled, so she and her husband will no longer plan to have more babies. “No, not anymore. I feel like when you do a check mark,” she replied. “With Luna I knew I was going to get pregnant again because we wanted to, so I remember that my excuse for not going to the gym was ‘oh, but I’m going to get pregnant again’, but right now with Skye I no longer have excuses and now I’m done and I have to get super fit again. We already have our two girls and Cristan, we are already set, she said.

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