Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter
Wait What?

Lamar Odom is going to fight Aaron Carter in a ‘Celebrity Boxing Match’

It might seem like an easy bet but according to Carter, he is a “street fighter.”

In a battle we haven’t seen since David and Goliath, Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter are next in line to go head to head in a celebrity boxing match. Yes, you read that right. Nick Carter’s little brother Aaron and Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband Lamar will be getting in the ring together come June of this year, per TMZ. Odom is 41 years old and Carter is 33 but what Carter has in youth Odom has in height. Both ‘celebrities’ stand over 6 feet tall but Odom has a 9-inch advantage standing at 6’10 while Carter stands at 6’1. In December, Carter said he had reached his “goal weight” of 175 pounds on Instagram and Odom’s last listed weight online is 229 pounds. So if everything is accurate, it will be a 54-pound difference. It may seem like an easy bet but Carter sounds confident and said in a video that he is a “street fighter.”

Lamar Odom shirtless Instagram photo. Leaning against boxing bag.©Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter Instagram Profiles
Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter

In a video posted to TMZ, the “Aarons Party” singer explained, “I just want to tell you I‘m really excited to be fighting Lamar Odom. This is a crazy match-up, I mean it’s like David and Goliath. He’s six foot seven I’m six-one so it’s going to be kind of crazy.” Odom is actually 3 inches taller than Carter thinks. He continued, “I just want to let you guys know that I’m not just a music producer, an entertainer, a singer, a dancer I’m also a fighter. I grew up street fighting and you know I’m really looking forward to this match, but my dad always said the bigger they are the harder they fall- so Lamar, I’ll see you there bro.”

Both men have struggled with drug addiction in the past. Carter sought treatment for his addiction in 2017 and Odom nearly died from an overdose in 2015 at a Nevada Brothel. The former NBA player suffered several strokes and heart attacks as a result and it was a miracle that he survived. They are both reportedly taking it seriously and have been “busting their a**es of in the gym. The 3 round exhibition is scheduled for June 12th at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City.  According to the DailyMail, Odom signed his deal for the match on January 20, and Carter signed his contract on November 29 but was hoping to face Justin Bieber in the ringer.

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