Maluma resting his head on bare belly.

Baby Maluma!

Maluma drops a new album and clears up pregnancy rumors ‘Yes I am going to be a dad’

Is the birthday boy really going to be a dad?

Maluma celebrated his 27th birthday Thursday, January 28th, and had the world wondering if he was getting a baby as a present. Maluma’s fans have been freaking out over the last four days asking “what does it all mean” after he posted a black and white photo laying down on his girlfriend’s bare belly. The image looked exactly like a pregnancy announcement, except written in black marker on her tummy was “#7dj.” Maluma used the same hashtag in the caption. Naturally, fans assumed it had to mean there was a baby on the way and left thousands of comments congratulating him.

Two days later Maluma added fuel to the fire by posting another photo gently caressing and kissing the same flat belly with the #7dj hashtag. He announced that he would be going live Thursday with a baby emoji in the caption.

On Thursday afternoon as promised, Maluma went live on Instagram and finally revealed what it was all about. The Grammy award-winning artist went live from the inside of an art gallery in Miami and thanked fans for the birthday wishes before asking in Spanish, “Do you want to know if I will be a dad?” A fan even offered him babysitting services while he is on tour in the comments, “Can I take care of your baby when you go on tour?” Maluma replied laughing, “You can take care of it now if you want.” Maluma wanted to wait until the live had 100,000 people watching and kept reading fan‘s comments, “What am I naming the baby? Will it be a girl or a boy?”

Maluma finally exclaimed, “Yes, I am going to be a dad! Yes, I am going to be a dad!!! In about half an hour the kids going to born.” Maluma was laughing before clarifying, “Yes I‘m going to be a dad, it’s my fifth kid. Because we have another album coming out!... It comes out 6:15 p.m. ET.” The name of the album is called “7 days in Jamaica” and there is 7 songs and 7 music videos that were filmed in Jamaica. Hence the #7dj hashtag. The album is super catchy and you can hear the Jamaican reggae influence in every song.

“This is a very special project for me. I have been working on it for a very long time,” he said. The artist went to Jamaica and worked with different artists and producers and said it was supposed to be released before his album Papi Juancho. He decided to release Papi Juancho first in August because he wanted 7 Days in Jamaica to have videos but couldn’t film due to COVID-19. Maluma shared the official video for 7 Days in Jamaica on his YouTube Channel Thursday. Check it out here:

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