Nelly's new partnership with Lay's Flamin' Hot
Perfect alliance!

Nelly’s new partnership is hotter than ever

The rapper is adding more heat to the Flamin’ Hot chips.

Rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur Nelly is starting 2021 with the right foot. The Texas-born St. Louisan just partnered with Lay’s to add more heat to the company’s Flamin’ Hot chips. The award-winning superstar brings back his worldwide known hit “Hot in Herre” in Lay’s latest commercial — an opportunity he describes as “great.”

In a zoom meeting with HOLA! USA, Nelly shared details of this alliance. “It feels great,” said the artist with a big smile. “I definitely want to thank Lays for allowing me to be a partner. It’s just a great situation. Flamin’ Hot has been around for about 20 years, and I’m celebrating my 20th anniversary as well,” he highlighted, adding that this partnership is perfect. “I just feel honored that they reached out, and what better way to do it with ‘Hot in Herre,’ a classic,” he continued. Nelly is also expecting a positive year packed with new ventures and more music. “Hopefully, 2021 is even hotter for me,” he said.

Nelly's new partnership with Lay's Flamin' Hot©Agencies
“I just feel honored that they reached out, and what better way to do it with ‘Hot in Herre,’ a classic,” Nelly said.

In October 2020, Nelly released “Lil Bit” in collaboration with country music duo Florida Georgia Line. The song is part of his new album titled Heartland. The rapper revealed to HOLA! USA how the single is fulfilling his expectations. “It’s actually been doing unbelievably well. I encourage everybody that hasn’t listened to it or haven’t gotten yet, to go out immediately and take a listen,” he said. “I want to thank those that have already downloaded it.”

This is not the first time the rapper collaborates with Florida Georgia Line; he recorded the remix version of “Cruise” in 2013. The song peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, and as of this writing, it is the best-selling digital country single of all time, earning a Diamond certification in 2016. “Me and my brothers, we came back together,” Nelly said, remembering all the success they had years prior and describing the collab as “unbelievable.”

When it comes to fusing country music, and rap Nelly is an expert; therefore, it is not surprising that he is coming out with a country-influenced album. “I have an appreciation for country music [and] for the artists,” said the star adding that he didn’t wake up and said, “I’m going to record a country album,” according to the Grammy winner, he is doing what he loves. “The influence that country music has on me is something that you can find in this EP which is called the Heartland EP, so it is a Nelly album, but it’s definitely country-influenced, it has the vibe, it has the participation of various country artists that I will be naming real soon but, it’s just something that’s real dope hopefully it can be transcended.”

Besides releasing music in 2020, Nelly also competed in Dancing with the Stars, landing in third place. Although he revealed he had an excellent time, he doesn’t think he would participate in other reality shows this year. “Considering all of the things that are still going on in this world and things that we‘re trying to overcome, I don’t think that I would have been able to participate,” he said. “Even though I loved the experience. I love the people that are associated with Dancing with the Stars, from the producers all the way down to the runners of the show, and everybody in between, which are phenomenal. I don’t think that I would have had the time to participate as much. And it is truly demanding, but it is a great show, is a great experience, and I feel really dope about it,” he said to HOLA! USA.

The star took the opportunity to thank all his fans for the support throughout his career. “I want to thank everybody for allowing me to be Nelly for the past 20 years. I want to thank everybody for the love and support of all the singles that have been out. Make sure you check out ‘Lil Bit’ right now, make sure to ger your Flamin’ Hot and Happy New Year to everybody,” he concluded.

Enjoy the commercial below

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