John Legend and Chrissy Teigen thanksgiving 2020
Inauguration Day

Chrissy Teigen responded to Twitter calling her out for her “tone deaf” trip to Washington D.C.

The 35-year-old responded back to a Tweet that criticized her Inauguration trip.

Inauguration Day brought a lot of high-profile celebrities to Washington D.C. such as  Lady Gaga,  Jennifer Lopez,  Chrissy Teigen, and  John Legend. Gaga sang the National Anthem at the ceremony, while Lopez shortly performed after. Legend is also set to perform which caused him and his family of four to travel to the Capitol. However, some people are not too happy about it and gave Teigen slack for traveling.

On Monday, the cookbook author shared a Tweet that showed her and Legend’s 2-year-old son Miles packing for his big trip to D.C. The Tweet read, “My baby got his first fat lip pushing his car down the driveway. Still happy packing for inauguration though!” One Twitter user, in particular, criticized the former Sports Illustrated model for coming to D.C. while the city is shut down due to the riots that took place at the Capitol earlier this month.

In response to Teigen’s Tweet, she wrote, “Hey Chrissy DC residents aren’t very “happy” right now can’t even “happy pack” their cars to drive to the grocery store because of the military state the city is in yea LOL come on down especially in a pandemic. How happy!!!” The same user Tweeted again a little while later further explaining her Tweet saying that Teigen is “tone deaf” for her trip.

“When did I say I didn’t? When did I even say I blame Chrissy? What I do blame her for is being tone-deaf and planning a “happy” trip to the center of the issue, when John is doing a gig no one will even be able to see. It’s all privilege and really minimizes what DC is going thru.”


Of course, the 35-year-old New York Times Bestseller responded back to the accusing Tweets, saying “for f**** sake why are you guys always always mad at me, all I wanna do is make you happy or at least leave you with a neutral feeling of indifference.” Teigen followed up that Tweet by saying, “this is not my fault but I’m sorry you’re frustrated. I just like to share what we are up to and whatnot.”