Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon video
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Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon’s chemistry is everything we need right now

The friends reunited for yet another fun-filled chat after their awkward date was revealed

 Jimmy Fallon and  Nicole Kidman are the celebrity host-guest combo of our dreams. Ever-since the pair’s  awkward date/not date story was unveiled in a now-iconic moment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the internet has been hungry for more of their late night chemistry. While, of course, we all love Nicole and Jimmy with their respective spouses, there’s something about their dynamic that is undeniably enjoyable. The 53-year-old Aussie zoomed into the 46-year-old New Yorker’s show yet again this week and it did not disappoint!

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Jimmy was extra smiley from the start, introducing Nicole with a big grin. “You are the best, buddy,” he said, “thank you so much for coming on.” Things quickly dipped into their friendly flirtation, with Nicole, who videoed in from Australia, saying: “I woke up Keith. I said, ‘Quick! I gotta get up because I got to get dressed so that I can get on Jimmy. He was like, ‘What? What?’” Jimmy started cracking up.

“I’m gonna gush a little bit,” Jimmy said before laying on countless compliments to the well-deserving talent. “Speaking of genius… The Undoing,” he said at one point. “Nicole! I can’t even talk to you - I really can’t even talk. I have to almost go to commercial, because it’s so awesome. You are fantastic in this. Unbelievable.”

“And, gosh, just stunning, by the way,” he added, giving viewers the dynamic we want with an honest compliment. “You’re just gorgeous. I was watching it, and I go, ‘Oh my Gosh’--” he continued, falling into a speechless pit. “Just every scene, you were just amazing.”

Can we get a Nicole-Jimmy comedy film in production, please?

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