Sarah Michelle Gellar
Simpler times

Sarah Michelle Gellar looks back on simpler times in a bathing suit before COVID-19

The actress posted an adorable throwback photo to Instagram on Monday.

We always love seeing celebs living their best lives enjoying a relaxing vacation while in their bathing suits. Whether it’s a vacation taking place this week such as Jennifer Lopez in the Turks and Caicos or a throwback photo such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, we love it all. On Monday, the actress posted a photo showing off her toned physique in a black one-shoulder one-piece bathing suit.

In the photo, Gellar is seen stretching out her toned legs as she sat in a pool/jacuzzi while in Mexico. She also held a glass in the air and was truly living it up with a gorgeous backdrop behind her.

The actress smartly used the photo as a way to reflect on simpler times before the COVID-19 pandemic began. She captioned the post, “#howitstarted This was a year ago today, on a girls trip to Mexico. We snuggled on the couch watching movies, we swam, (we drank) we watched the sunset on the beach and most importantly we hugged a lot,” she wrote.

“We knew there were rumblings of covid coming here, but we had no clue what the year would hold for us or that this would be the last time for over a year we would see each other. I’m looking at this pic today, not in sadness but as my #mondaymotivation to do everything in my power so we can all get back to that place. (Ok well maybe not that amazing rented house in Mexico- but you know what I mean) When we can hug our friends, see our loved ones, and not live with the heavy weight most of us are carrying with us. We can do this!!!,” Gellar continued in her caption.

The ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ actress received praise for her post and her comment section was flooded with positive comments saying, “We can do this!” and “Yes please!”

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