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Bieber Bait!

Justin Bieber endorses office chair shirtless on ‘Shark Tank’

No shirt, no problem.

You would think it‘s hard to say no to a shirtless Justin Bieber but never say never. The singer appeared on last Friday’s episode with a ringing endorsement for an ergonomic office chair made by the company ALL333. Unfortunately, the $799 chair made out of vegan leather didn’t have any offers from the Sharks, even with Bieber as bait.

Justin Bieber on Shark Tank Screen Grab©ABC on Hulu
Justin Bieber

CEO Bing Howenstein of ALL33 went into the tank asking for $500,000 for 2.5% interest in the company. The high $20 million valuation instantly made Mark Cuban say, “HELLO.” “It is for a very serious problem- chairs,” Howenstein explained. “They may be killing you. Now you’ve all heard sitting is the new smoking. Well, they are right.” Howenstein then broke a small wooden chair before introducing the real star of the show- Bieber. “Let’s hear what one of our biggest fans has to say.”

In the video, Bieber rolls into the frame wearing a smiley face shirt from his clothing line Drew House, shorts, and a backward cap with this pre-recorded message, “Hey Sharks, I‘m Justin Bieber and this is the ALL33. It’s the chair that moves like I do. I mean, guys, look at this perfect posture! I’ve got my chest up, my shoulders back.” Then a basketball comes into the frame which he catches and throws while saying “I’m ready for anything.” Then out of nowhere, Bieber is sitting shirtless swiveling in the chair while literally doing an ab workout. “I mean, have you guys ever seen a chair that can do this? I’m doing a full ab workout right now.” He continues his set before saying, “Alright. Hit me up later. I’ll be back.” Bieber appeared one last time with his shirt on with the catchphrase, “if you got to sit, this is it.”

Howenstein explained the patented technology and why it’s called the All33. “Now you don’t have to have moves like Justin for this chair to work for you. Because all you have to is sit, get fit, and all 33 of your vertebrae, well they‘re going to keep moving all day.” Not all the sharks were impressed by Bieber’s endorsements, Kevin O’Leary aka “Mr. Wonderful” loved the chair but quipped, “I don’t care about Bieber. I’m going to kick his ass when my album comes out.” Unfortunately, all the judges passed on the offer. As for Bieber, he’s been vacationing in Hawaii with his wife Hailey Bieber. No word if he traveled with his ALL33.

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