Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise


Justin Bieber is once again challenging Tom Cruise

The singer seems to be feeling more confident about the fight, captioning his post “Tom Cruise is toast.”

Justin Bieber is coming for Tom Cruise for the second time, the singer is once again challenging the movie star to a fight via social media.

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The 26-year-old hitmaker who recently released a collaboration with Shawn Mendes is reviving his 2019 challenge, when he posted on Twitter that he would be interested in fighting with the Mission Impossible actor.

However he quickly regretted his post and stated he needed “to get in good shape” because he was “really skinny.”

Adding that “he’d probably be out of my weight class,” and admitting that Tom probably had “that dad strength.”

Now more than a year after his tweet, Justin seems to be feeling more confident about the match, teasing the release of his new music video.

The Grammy winner shared a couple of photos of the new project over the weekend, in which he plays a fighter, captioning it “Tom Cruise is toast.”

And while his friend Dwayne Johnson supported the singer by commenting “go get em bro,” his mother Pattie Mallette wasn’t thrilled about it and added “WHY!!!??????” on his Instagram post.

Justin’s new music video was released on New Year’s Eve and features actress Zoey Deutch, with the artist thanking her for appearing in the short film “thank u @zoeydeutch for making this video come to life.”

He also shared some of the behind-the-scenes with his fans on social media, posting the process of getting all of his tattoos covered and promoting the song Anyone.

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