Hilaria Baldwin and Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer apologizes for reposting a photo of Hilaria Baldwin in underwear

The joke didn’t work as planned and the comedian ended up publicly apologizing.

After Hilaria Baldwin shared a photo of herself on social media wearing underwear, stand-up comedian Amy Schumer thought it was a fun idea to use it as her Holiday card; however, the joke didn’t work as planned and Schumer ended up deleting the post and publicly apologizing. “Gene and I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season,” the also actress captioned the photo. “Enjoy it with whatever family members are talking to you this year.”

The repost left more than one scratching their heads, including Baldwin, who said she didn’t get the joke. “I literally had to have someone explain this joke to me...still don’t get it 100%...but...I’ll like it, and I’ll comment some emojis,” she said.

According to Baldwin, many people reached out to her; therefore, she decided to post a video to clarify her reaction. “I love jokes, I think it was very funny...actually I don’t understand it really well, but some people tried to explain it to me so I can kind of get,” Hilaria said. “But I love jokes; I love making fun of myself. I love when other people make fun of me. What is the point in living life if you’re not laughing?”

“You guys all know I make fun of my husband all the time, and if you‘re gonna dish it out, you better be able to accept it back,” she continued. “But basically, my only concern with it is that it seemed to start to spiral out of control, at least from what people are telling me. I just received a couple of calls from people, and then we decided this was the best way to deal with it.”

“If you really go down this thought process of like, ‘Oh, she’s looking a certain way,’ yeah you know what? I do look a certain way, this is what I look like. I come from smaller people, I have been a fitness person my entire life and there you go, period end of story,” she noted.

“And there’s no need that I need to apologize for that, just as there’s no need that anyone else needs to apologize for what they look and their life story, that’s it,” she continued. “And so basically I want to say this, body inclusivity, that means everybody, every shape, size, everything, OK?”

I’m an advocate for body positivity and inclusivity...which, let’s all remember, includes everyone,” she captioned the video.

After sharing her video, Hilaria received a message from Amy. “I’m sorry!” she wrote. In response, Hilaria told her, “Girl, don’t even apologize! You always make me laugh. My only intentions were to address some of the not so namaste behavior some people went running wild with after. You don’t need to take responsibility for their actions. Much love and light xoxo.”

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