Arnold Schwarzenegger jokes about why it’s ‘great to be a grandfather’


Arnold Schwarzenegger jokes why it’s ‘great to be a grandfather’ to his daughter’s ‘beautiful baby girl’

‘The Terminator’ star never thought his daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger would marry an actor

 Arnold Schwarzenegger  never thought his daughter  Katherine Schwarzenegger  would marry a man like  Chris Pratt . Why you ask? Because he is an actor! “I never, ever thought that my daughter is going to marry an actor,” The Terminator star, 73, confessed during a virtual Kindergarten Cop reunion hosted by Yahoo! Entertainment.

Arnold never thought his daughter Katherine would marry an actor©Getty Images
Arnold never thought his daughter Katherine would marry an actor

“I said to myself, she would probably be sick and tired of me dragging them to sets always and having them watch me blowing up buildings and killing people,” Arnold added. “My kids always enjoyed it, but Katherine, she was crying always, the first few movies.”

Contrary to what the dad of five might have originally thought, his firstborn Katherine, 31, ended up marring Chris, 41, in 2019. Arnold called his son-in-law a “fantastic guy” who is “so easy to get along with.” He gushed, “I’m really happy because he has been a really wonderful, wonderful husband to her, and such a great son-in-law.”

Katherine and Chris welcomed their first child together, daughter Lyla Maria, in August. During the reunion, Arnold joked about why it’s great to be a grandfather. He said, “They always say it’s the most fun thing to be a grandfather because you have no responsibility. None. I get all the credit. As soon as my daughter gave birth to this beautiful baby girl Lyla, as soon as that happened, I got like hundreds of congratulations, things and gifts and all kinds of stuff.”

Arnold continued, “I said, ‘Wait a minute, I didn’t do anything. I have nothing to do with it.’ So this is why it’s great to be a grandfather because you get all the credit and you get so many gifts and so many good wishes and all this stuff, but you have no responsibility.”

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