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Exclusive: Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca introduce us to their daughter, Blu Jerusalema

The new parents prepared a spectacular welcome for their princess, who is the best gift they could have received this Christmas.

“The first ultrasound seemed to indicate that it was a boy, although Gian wanted a girl,” Sharon Fonseca and  Gianluca Vacchi told us when she was three months pregnant. To the couple’s surprise, and Vacchi’s dream, it turns out the baby was a girl! They have named her Blu Jerusalema. She poses with her parents for the first time in their Bolognese home, where they are going to spend Christmas with Sharon’s family. For Gianluca, a viral phenomenon and a true “King Midas” of business, these holidays are, indisputably, very different.

The Italian businessman and the Venezuelan model became parents on October 27, 2020. Since then, their happiness has grown with the birth of baby Blu. On Mother’s Day, Sharon and Gianluca shouted to the whole world that  they would be parents.

During this exclusive interview and the spectacular photo shoot held in Italy, the eccentric 53-year-old millionaire explains the unique and powerful meaning of the girl’s name for the first time.

Gianluca revealed that Blu Jerusalema was born with what is clinically known as “cleft palate.” Therefore, one of his immediate projects is to collaborate with foundations that help families with children born with the same condition.

“Despite the times that all of us have had to live, I feel that Blu came home with great peace and serenity.”

These Christmas holidays have a very special meaning for you, right?
Above all, it has been a great life change.
Why did you call her Blu Jerusalema? That is not an ordinary name.
Is it safe to assume that you’re a religious man?
What was the first thing you thought when you held Blu in your arms?
Sharon, what did you think at the time?
Gianluca and Sharon, at home in Bologna, where they introduced us to Blu Jerusalem. Born last November, Blu is seen sleeping peacefully (left) in the arms of her mother. A large garland of blue roses forming the letter “B” among many other details, welcomed the little girl.

Was it a scheduled cesarean section?
Gianluca, were you nervous?
“When I saw my daughter for the first time, I could only cry and cry.” Gianluca Vacchi only managed to say to Sharon: “She is doing ok and she is beautiful, amore,” confessed the eccentric billionaire and “King Midas” of finance.

Were you impatient to see your baby?
“It was a very strong blow when we were told that Blu was born with an open palate, which is clinically known as a ‘cleft palate.’” – Gianluca Vacchi

Blu’s condition can be solved surgically, correct?
Sharon, how do you see him as a father?
Gianluca, are you afraid of holding her when she’s so tiny?
“We have named her Blu Jerusalema because in the Bible, Jerusalem is spoken of as a land without suffering, without pain, in which only good things happened, and Blu brings the sea closer to Jerusalem,” Sharon, twenty-five years old and Gianluca, fifty-three, as they pose with their daughter.” – Gianluca Vacchi

Gianluca, is your rhythm of life and work going to change from now on?
Are you going to get a new tattoo for your daughter?

Blu’s surprising room is as if her parents had recreated it from the one from “Alice in Wonderland”
The room that Gianluca and Sharon have prepared for their daughter looks like something out of a fairytale, as you can see in the photos: a large hot air balloon that acts as a sofa, the wooden ceiling, the windows, the wallpapers… “I never doubted that Gianlu would make a great father, but seeing him in action exceeds all my expectations… and more. How he takes her in his arms, how he holds her to change her, how he feeds her ... ”– Sharon Fonseca

Sharon, would you repeat the experience of being a mother, living what you lived through?
Is your family with you now?
“Although I already feel married to Sharon, I would like my daughter to grow up in a traditional family and yes, I would marry, above all, for Sharon” – Gianluca Vacchi

Gianluca, speaking of Miami, are you going to move there soon?
Will it be your main house?
What’s a normal day for you?
Now that there are three of you, has the idea of getting married ever crossed your mind?

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