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Robbie Williams ‘almost died’ from mercury poisoning

He has revealed that the cause was a very strict diet

Robbie Williams, one of the best known singers internationally, has confessed in an interview on Radio X that he was about to die from mercury and arsenic poisoning while following a strict diet rich in fish.

The artist, who is now 46 years old, also revealed that he had only gone to the doctor for tests at the insistence of his wife, actress Ayda Field. It was in 2017 when he started a vegan diet and, although since then he had not changed his eating routine, in recent months he decided to introduce new foods such as meat and fish, the latter becoming the main element of his diet. “I ate fish twice a day and when I finally went to the doctor to get examined and we had the test results, he told me I had the highest mercury poisoning he had ever seen.”

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“You know what I thought when I heard that? I won! This is how my ego works. I have the highest index, I literally won the Mercury award!”, commented Robbie in a relaxed tone but not far from what he felt in that moment when he learned of his state of health. In addition, the artist did not hesitate to thank his wife who had insisted on going for a consultation: “They really did the mercury test because my wife is very neurotic and does all kinds of tests all the time. I can only thank God because I could have died from mercury and arsenic poisoning,” he continued. But not only that, Williams must be constantly aware of his health and take tests to see how he is doing. In 2017 the singer left his fans very concerned after canceling several concerts and confessing the hard battle he was waging against his illness.

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“My arm got numb, I wouldn‘t stop salivating on one side of my mouth, I had a headache and trouble breathing,” said the British singer at the time. After several studies, doctors found in his brain “something that looked like a hemorrhage”, which made him feel “confused and scared”. They recommended that he rest and that he not do anything stressful for a while, so he was away from the spotlight for several months. “I have a disease that wants to kill me and it is in my head, so I have to protect myself from it,” he revealed in an interview. It seems that for now the condition is controlled but he still has to keep extra precaution to what he eats.

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