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Serena Williams handles her busy schedule by using a specific app on her phone

The 39-year-old tennis pro credits the app, Toggl to handle her day.

Serena Williams is a woman who does it all. She’s a legendary tennis player, a mom to adorable three-year-old Olympia, a wife, and she even has her own clothing line. How does the 39-year-old do it all? Personally, I’m a person who is lost without my old fashioned planner, but the tennis pro takes her daily planning to another level by using a specific app for helping her keep track of her very busy schedule.

Serena Williams y Olympia©@serenawilliams
Serena Williams makes sure to spend a lot of time with her daughter, Olympia.

Toggl is an app that helps Williams keep track of her time in a very specific way. Toggl breaks down what percentage each day goes to the three major areas in her life, her family, her businesses, and tennis, according to Fast Company.

The app is a great way for the 39-year-old tennis pro to see where she’s spending most of her time and where she wants to improve on.

“It’s really good for me, because at the end of the day I can say how much time I spent on each area of my life and how it adds up,” Williams said according to Fast Company. The publication said that Williams changes her schedule based on the data the app tells her. “I want my percentage with my daughter to be a lot,” she said.

“Olympia’s asleep right now, or else she would be here,” Williams said in the interview. Like any working parent, the 39-year-old does her best to balance working while being a parent. “I felt like she needed extra time [with me],” Williams said about Olympia. “Tomorrow she can come to my office, but today I was in her office.”

In addition to using Toggl to track her schedule, she uses another app called Zero to track her eating schedule throughout the day. Williams typically does intermittent fasting and Zero helps her stay on top of it, according to Fast Company.

It’s no surprise that Williams relies on using tech and apps, considering her husband of three years, Alexis Ohanian is the Reddit co-founder and a venture capitalist.

We’re feeling very inspired by the tennis pro to get a hold of our daily schedules as she does.

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