EXCLUSIVE Arnold Schwarzenegger Cruises in his Classic Mercedes Excalibur

Arnold Schwarzenegger takes girlfriend Heather Milligan for a ride in his vintage Mercedes

The former governor of California has some of the hottest collections money can buy.

Arnold Schwarzeneggerloves cars! He has some of the hottest collections money can buy. One of the classic cars he’s been keeping for years is his beloved Mercedes Excalibur. The former governor of California was seen in his convertible with girlfriend Heather Milligan.

According to hotcars.com, the Excalibur has a strong vintage look and a price of around $89,000 with great differences depending on which variety you choose.

The couple seem to be having a good time. Rumor has it that they have been together since 2013 after they were spotted kissing in Santa Monica. There is a twenty-eight year age gap, but after a seven-year relationship they are still going strong.

Arnold Schwarzenegger drives his classic Mercedes convertible©GrosbyGroup

The Terminator underwent heart surgery back in late October. The actor took to social media to tell his fans and followers his health news.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger had had two heart surgeries within the past two years.

The actor seems to be in good spirits and maybe doing some things the doctor would tell him not to considering the multiple heart surgeries he already has under his belt. For example, he has been seen driving in his car smoking a cigar out his window not long after he was in the hospital for his surgery. The former governor was seen wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses while enjoying his smoke. It seems like the “Predator” actor is living life on the wild side these days.

Arnold Schwarzenegger smoking a cigar in the car a few weeks after having heart surgery.©GrosbyGroup