Daniella Álvarez

Daniella Alvarez confirms lack of mobility in her only foot

The former Miss Colombia commented on social media that due to the ischemia she experienced during surgery, her right foot suffered severe damage, unable to move it again.

Since the announcement of her leg amputation in June 2020, Daniella Alvarez has become a ray of hope through her words and actions. The model, who represented Colombia in the Miss Universe 2011 - 2012 competition, announced last weekend that due to the ischemia that she presented a few months ago, the nerves of her lower limbs were seriously damaged, and that according to her doctor’s diagnosis, she will hardly be able to move his right foot again.

The ischemia (when organs or body parts don’t get adequate blood supply) she experienced during her first surgery when her left foot was amputated is still wandering throughout of her body. “The ischemia has also affected the functionality of my other foot as well, I am unable to walk. My right foot feels completely asleep and hasn’t woken up and we don’t know how long it will take for the foot to start functioning again,” the model revealed in June, after her leg amputation.

Daniella’s recovery

“I’ve been told that it’ll be at least six months before I can begin relearning the walking process due to my right foot losing functionality,” she said. Daniella also revealed that since losing her left leg, now her right leg will be carrying double the weight.

Updates on her right foot

In a video, Alvarez mentioned that she had to do a medical study called electromyography. This was conducted last week. The results of the study showed that she had a very serious injury from the knee down on her right side. “(The doctor told me) your tibia and fibula nerves were completely damaged. The ischemia affected them at its best and you will hardly be able to move your foot again.” The Colombian model explained that these nerves are the ones that tell to the tibia and fibula muscles to perform the function of walking, and that unfortunately, hers were no longer in a position to do that.

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Daniella said that her mother was very sad by the news, however, she preferred to take it in the best way, because she has been through so much in recent months, that the news of her right foot did not affect her so much. “I took it super well and you will wonder why I did not feel sad or start to cry ... I think that people who have gone through a situation like mine, who were on the verge of leaving this world or who had so much pain and discomfort like I had them, after so many sacrifices and after losing a leg, because news like this no longer hits us so hard.”

Daniella Álvarez©@danielaalvareztv

The model, who has stood out for her positive attitude despite adversity, said that she is sure that she will walk and dance again, because in her rehabilitation she has lived with people who do not have both legs and who can do all kinds of activities. The key to being able to do that is finding balance and not giving up. “Despite my right foot injury and me wearing a prosthesis on my other leg, I will also be able to do it.”

Daniella Álvarez©@danielaalvareztv

What’s next for Daniella

Alvarez shared that she will continue with her therapies, as they say that the foot could take up to a year to show more complete advances. “My doctor says that I can get a little movement up, down and to the sides, but that is not going to be enough to walk without the splint. If I don’t use it, my foot will bend to the side, I could have sprains or I could break my ankle or foot. So it is always important that I wear my splint.” The young woman, who has become the inspiration of thousands for her courage, concluded the video with the following message: “This is something from God. The human body is something so perfect, so unique, and so unexpected that I will continue to do my best to achieve great results.”

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