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Eva Longoria is an extra in ‘Selena’ and we’re freaking out

The powerhouse Latina dropped some major secrets in an interview with Christian Serratos

Eva Longoria dropped a major fun fact while interviewing Chrisitan Serratos of Selena: The Series. The dazzling duo sat around the “Chingonas Table” for a virtual chat under Eva’s She Se Puede brand on Saturday, December 6, and it did not disappoint! As the pair got to know each other, Eva told the Netflix leading lady that she’s from Corpus Christi, the same place the Queen of Tejano music herself called home. From there, things took a fabulous turn.

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'Selena: The Series' premieres Dec. 4 on Netflix©Víctor Ceballos/Netflix
Christian Serratos as Selena

“My first introduction to acting - I was an extra in the Selena movie,” Eva revealed, making our jaws drop. “I was like, I need to talk to Christian because I am the Selena expert!” Christian was all of us with her response: “Shut up! I didn’t know that.” Same, girl.

“I knew Selena,” Eva said, continuing to blow our minds. “She lived, like, the neighborhood over from me. We would go see her every weekend - at like, quinceañeras or at a dance. It was early in the Selena y Los Dinos days. Sometimes it’d be a small dance hall, and sometimes it’d be a huge dance hall.”

The Desperate Housewives icon then recounted the moment she found out about the legend’s tragic passing: “Then I went to college and she blew up during that time, so I never really saw her perform again. I remember the day she passed. I was in college and the whole college in Texas literally stopped. I remember balling and crying.”

“She’s just obviously a hero to us from Corpus Christi,” Eva added. “Here’s the other crazy thing... Selena got her star on the Walk of Fame the same year I got my star. Suzette and the family had me speak at her star ceremony. I couldn’t even - I cried at her star ceremony and I didn’t even cry at my own. That’s how powerful she was. She has no idea the inspiration she’s given to so many of us Mexican-Americans.”

“Her star felt like all of our stars,” she added. Christian, who is getting rave reviews for her turn as Selena, responded with: “That’s so beautiful. That’s exactly what I felt when I heard about this project.”

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