The Weeknd and Rosalía connect for "Blinding Lights" remix

The Weeknd taps Rosalía for bilingual “Blinding Lights” remix

This hit just got even bigger

A year after his hit single, “Blinding Lights” was first released, The Weeknd has enlisted the help of Rosalía for the remix.

The singer first teased the unexpected collaboration yesterday, December 3, posting a photo of the duo onto Twitter. He didn’t write anything in the caption beside tagging the Spanish singer, but just a few hours later, he surprised fans by giving them a bilingual remix to one of the biggest songs of 2020.

This track, with the addition of Rosalía, becomes The Weeknd’s latest bilingual venture since he hopped onto Maluma’sremix for “Hawái” one month ago. On that song, Abel gives the record-breaking single a new, English intro, crooning about an ex that moved onto someone else--even though he can tell she’s lying about how happy she is. After that, The Weeknd and Maluma take turns singing the song’s catchy chorus.

Before he tested out his Spanish singing chops on “Hawái,” the singer gave himself the name, “El Fin De Semana,” or “The Weekend” in Spanish. Rosalía gave her collaborator another nickname, writing, “BLINDING LIGHTS con el AbelitooOoo” in her Instagram post about the remix.

Prior to this new remix, The Weeknd’s single has already been one of the most popular songs this year. Since dropping back in November of 2019, the single has been a staple on the Billboard Hot 100 every single week.

Beside how many dedicated fans the singer has, the commercial success of “Blinding Lights” and other singles off of The Weeknd‘s most recent effort, After Hours, is just one of the reasons why the artist called out The Grammys after not receiving any nominations this time around.

The star is set to perform for the halftime show at the 2021 Super Bowl, and according to industry sources, The Grammys are upset he picked that performance over one during their awards show. Supposedly, in an effort to retaliate, they didn’t nominate Abel for any awards, which drove him to call out the institution for being corrupt.

The Grammys remain corrupt,” he tweeted after the nominations were announced on November 24. “You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency...”

He went on to write, “Collaboratively planning a performance for weeks to not being invited? In my opinion zero nominations = you’re not invited!”

With the success “Blinding Lights” has already experienced this year, the addition of a huge star like Rosalía will only further catapult the single.

Check out the remix down below: