Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
She’s back!

Chrissy Teigen figured out how to use Instagram again after its latest update

The mama went on a posting spree Monday to make up for lost time.

Chrissy Teigen was all of us when she noticed that Instagram decided to change its layout over the weekend. The businesswoman expressed her confusion on the one social media platform she could still trust- Twitter.

On Saturday, November 21st Teigen tweeted, “I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING ON MY INSTAGRAM PAGE. WHY HAVE THEY DONE THIS, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS ALL I HAVE AND NOW ITS GONE JUST GONE.” Followed by, “I don’t mean I can’t see my pics. I know they’re there. I just CANNOT STAND THE NEW BUTTONS AND THEIR PLACEMENT!”

Teigen finally figure it out and went on a posting spree. The mama shared adorable photos of her children and of hubby John Legend. On Sunday Teigen shared a pic kissing their daughter Luna and joked about her struggle figuring out the new layout in the caption. She wrote, “Throwback to night before election. I don’t usually do throwbacks but that’s how long it took me to figure out how to post it on this new god forsaken Instagram layout.” Fans laughed along in the comments and shared their own stories about how the new layout has personally affected them. One wrote, “Photo is beautiful, layout is horrendous. Why are there like one hundred extra clicks just to post something as simple as a Story?” Another admitted that they had to Google it to figure it out.

The author shouted out their son Miles next and shared 4 photos of him in an adorable tie-dyed outfit. Miles looked just like dad. Teigen gushed about how much he’s grown in the caption and wrote, “Born at 4 pounds and pants still fall down all day but our boy is getting big!”

She wasn’t done posting yet and shared two more photos of Luna and Miles in their Christmas pajamas. Luna was rocking Rudolph the red nose reindeer ones with a red bow in her hair. Teigen acknowledged her posting spree in the caption and said she just felt like it. She wrote “just feel like posting. also feeling pretty proud that the shop button hasn’t even been accidentally hit ONCE.”

Teigen’s last post of the day was of Miles in his red head to toe Christmas outfit. She captioned the post, “okay all done for today (it’s cold and therefore it is Christmas).”